Mika Matchup: Dhalsim

Challenge - Dhalsim has very good zoning and control. Getting in is not easy as he can push back on the ground and air games. He is also famous for teleport mix up games making it hard for a girl with weak counters.

Focus - Be patient. When he does his buttons, if he is getting predictable you can push a button to tag him. If he does his yoga flame you can react to dash forward quickly while staying safe. Look for an opportunity to close the gap.

Strike - Wingless can take him out of the air. Jab if he comes for a teleport mixup without extra pressure. Dhalsim does not have a strong wake up game either, so when he’s down don’t let him get up. A ground teleport can beat a normal attack / throw wake up, however a ground teleport is not going to open you up like an instant air teleport.

OP: Alright this guy is tough for Mika on several levels. Please what do you do against this champ?

I have found that I can mash s.mk at the beginning of the round to stuff an instant long kick from him, but then it’s all down hill… I don’t even get far enough to look at slapping teleports. If I try to walk forward I get his long punch, if I try to jump I get AA, even if I jumped his long kick… His anti air game is strong, and I just can’t walk towards him… I’m not even getting to mix up zone.

What do you do to get in? What can you punish?

I don’t think I’ve beaten a single sim over 1000 rank.

I don’t have a solid answer to Sim5 yet, but my plan when I do come across one is to try hard rush down and then adjust to “come get me”. For the latter, I have some small success in not letting him score damage while I earnestly look for anything small I can use to tickle him with. The goal is to get him to teleport, reset him, then apply whatever pressure I can manage. It’s a rough match for any grappler.

Fighting Dhalsim requires a lot of patients, or is that patience. Probably both. That being said, it is basically a game of chipping away at eachother. He keeps you out of mid game and the air, both of R.Mika’s strong points, but his pokes and his anti air depend on some fairly punishable things IF you can get in. I’ll repost previous thoughts on it here from the main match up thread, but some other things I’ve been working on are using ex Wingless invincible frames to get through his fireball game, and baiting out his stretchy arm pokes to ex peach them. Once you DO get in on him, he is forced to teleport and that is a neutral for both parties to a large degree since it doesn’t put either of you in a very good position. Still better than him being where his attack vectors work best though as you can use some of R.Mika’s gimmicks from there.

Dhalsim is really good at zoning in this game. Probably the strongest in the game. He also has combos at close range and a super that can be a devastating mix up. He is definitely not a favorable match up for R.Mika, but not too harsh. For example, wingless takes out nearly all his air superiority. He can’t V-Skill, and his dive kick is fairly useless once you start punishing it (cr. medium punch isn’t the best for this but I’ve had a little luck with it.) As for your fireball problem, it has a long animation. If you react immediately with a dash you can slowly work your way in. He will try to push back with stretchy limbs but its unsafe on block. You can react to it with an ex shooting peach.

The main problem with Dhalsim is that while he requires nothing but ground game, his zoning makes it nearly impossible to poke. I know this is going to sound stupid but you really do win once you get up close, even with his teleports. This is mainly because his teleports can’t get him /far/ enough. The only thing you really need to do is block whatever mix up he comes up with then punish it if you have meter. I’d also recommend trying to punish his teleports with light wingless airplane if he does it on the ground or heavy if in the air since even if it misses it gets you in a better position to handle the zoning that comes up. The worst that can happen is you’ll get punished by a single stretch attack or be completely reset in the zoning game, but teleport was already going to do that for the most part anyway.

The biggest tip that I can give for you, is honestly patience. It sucks ‘doing nothing’, but the footsie game with Dhalsim takes a lot longer in order to get into a good position due to his zoning. Think of it like an annoying boss in an action game. Constantly moving around till you can reach the weak spot and go all out then block as much as you can once it starts attacking again.

I think alot has been said already that hits the nail on the head:

A) Dhalsim is fucking strong in this game
B ) This is bad matchup

The best way R. Mika can handle this is by(wait for it) getting in. I’ve heard cr. HP is good for this, but maybe I’m just too much of a scrub to make it work. At this point, I think from now on I’m just going to dash in on Dhalsims and see what happens. I’m not really having success anyway, lol.

From the high level replays I’ve seen, you’ve gotta be patient and get in. The getting in part either goes very very good or very very bad. You can also grab him(normal grab, dunno about command grabs) from what it looks like.

You can jab him out of teleport.