Mika Matchup: F.A.N.G



This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

R.Mika Matchup: 'cus pro wrestling is... the very BEST!

There has to be a very easy answer to this… but how do you get passed FANG cheap ass double poison air with the grounds poison bomb? I have literally spent entire fights walled off by this cheap ass repetitive nonsense that probably sucks shit except I don’t know what to do to fuck this guy in the face.


I’d still really like some tips on this one. I get locked out every time they repeat this strategy of just ground bomb and air bubbles.


I just played a few silver and had the same problem until I timed a full charged HK to jump in-between the double poison balls and poison mist then either command grab, stomp chop comb or Lk then CG/throw. Then stay in full charge HK ranges blocking, crouching or neutral jumping poison ball until he commits to more poison mist or he throws double poison then rinse & repeat. Stay patient and in mid range prepare to block because double poison doesn’t poison you when you block it, well maybe the Mist and horizontal poison not sure usually jump over that.


Oh yeah don’t commit to the Dropkick if he does the close to him double poison drop because they will tag you straight out the air.


So are you timing the charged s.hk to when he does the ground poison?