Mika Matchup: Guile

Alright Mika - what are the pro’s and cons of this fight so far?

I believe (would appreciate if someone else could test to verify I’m not an idiot) that after a Shooting Peach knockdown that jf.LK completely snuffs out reversal timing EX Flash Kick. Non-EX Flash Kicks lacking invulnerability is nice in that they’ll just eat the hit on wake-up though the fact that they’re throw invulnerable means that they’re not completely useless defensively on wake-up. Overall this matchup seems like it’s going to be pretty rough.

Just tested it. Only works against normal recovery. If Guile does back recovery, j.LK loses.

And this is why I like it when other people verify stuff. That said j.LK still nails him if he back recovers into reversal EX Flash Kick while cornered. In other news I kind of wish that they had left his sweep like it was in SFIV. That is to say have it be more or less safe on block but have there be a decent gap in between the hits. My dreams of Irish whipping Guile players in between the hits of his sweep have been shattered. :cry: