Mika Matchup: Laura

This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

Laura Punishments:

Sweep: (-12 block)
Volt Line (V-Skill aka Axe Kick): (-7 block, hits overhead)
Target Combo (F+HP): (First Hit: -2 block, Second Hit: -8 block)

MP Volt Charge or Higher: (-7 block)

You can tell which strength it is because of Laura’s elbow. If it hits your waistline, it’s the LP version which is -2 on block. If her elbow hits your face it’s the MP/HP version.

Laura Wake Up Options:

EX Volt Charge: 1 Point of hyper armor, can be grabbed out of so anticipate this when she has meter.
Critical Art: This is a grab. Careful when she has full meter.

Laura Command Dash:

When Laura cancels into command dash from one of her normals, she’s actually at a disadvantage. She’s safe if she dashes backwards but not when she goes forward. A lot of the time, I push jab to keep her in check. You can also confirm into LP Shooting Peach from jab.
Laura Fireball:**

If Laura does a normal into a fireball up close, she gets punished. Block the fireball and punish with jab or St. MP xx to whatever. Depending on the spacing, it may be hard to punish. If she does ex fireball, it’s completely safe.

Other Stuff:

-EX Command grab moves Laura forward but is not invincible nor has hyper armor.
-Low MK is special cancelable but is mostly used with her LP Volt Charge or EX VC in a combo. It doesn’t provide enough block stun or hitstun to abuse. On counter-hit it is comboable into her MP VC or Fireballs
-Her anti air tools are either HP Volt Charge, St. LP, or St. MP.

This is what I found so far. ^~^

It’s “Bolt Charge”, not “Volt Charge”.

Here are some of my notes on Laura.

Frame Advantage after Knockdown:

[] Back throw, forward dash: +2
] Forward throw: +17
[] Cr.HK, dash forward: +8 (+13)
] HP Bolt Charge: +17
[] HP Bolt Charge, dash forward: +0
] Split River (MP Bolt Charge P followup): +9
[] Rodeo Break (MP Bolt Charge K followup): +17
] LK/MK/HK/EX Sunset Wheel: +13
[*] Inazuma Spin Hold (Critical Art): +1

Laura Frame Advantage after Forward V-Skill Cancel**

[] st.MP xx f.VS: -2
] cr.MP xx f.VS: -2
[] st.MK xx f.VS: -4
] cr.MK xx f.VS: -7
[] st.HP xx f.VS: -5
] st.LK xx f.VS: -8
[*] st.LP xx f.VS: -9

Punishing Sunset Wheel Okizeme**

[details=Spoiler]Use wakeup reversal n.VT to punish Laura’s oki after Sunset Wheel
[] N.VTP beats st.HK: Punish with cr.HP, Nadeshiko hit, st.MP into any combo
] N.VT beats LP Bolt Charge: Punish with Nadeshiko hit, dash forward, st.MP into any combo
[] N.VT beats f.HP: Punish with Nadeshiko hit, dash forward, st.MP into any combo
] N.VT loses to micro-step forward, cr.HK: R. Mika gets crush countered and Laura can double dash in for a meaty
[] N.VT loses to EX Sunset Wheel oki: Laura can attempt to punish wakeup n.VT on reaction but R. Mika can jump out. Not sure if possible on reaction.
] N.VT loses to walk up, reaction cr.MP xx LP Bolt Charge. Cr.MP will hit R. Mika during recovery and LP Bolt Charge will move Laura out of Nadeshiko’s way.

Sorry on the error, I wrote that late at night. XD

So, how do you feel this matchup in this season?

Here where I live few Lauras online. I really need to get more experience against her. Still neutral jump being a good option to get out of her pressure?

The timing for this bump seems suspicious.

My 0.02 on the matchup:

The biggest problem in this matchup was that Laura’s footsie game was overall better. Laura’s HK is way better than anything Mika has. The balance used to be that the footsie game was in Laura’s favor but if you Clapped her you could put her in that corner to turn the tide, not anymore of course.

Use the Slide (cr.HK) to beat the charged fireball. This isn’t terribly useful because a decent Laura is almost never going to go for the charge and will instead go for quick HP fireballs or the EX if they have you near the corner.

If she does LP Bolt and you block, your best bet is to use cr.LP, and try to do the cr.LPx2 into LP Peach combo. Emphasis on try. Unfortunately, after LP Bolt Laura is at such a range where you cannot frame trap her with cr.LP into MP. And you can’t do the LP into LK<MP target combo frame trap either. Basically you guess if you block the LP Bolt. The risk/reward is in Laura’s favor.

If LP Bolt hits you it’s guess time. You either backdash or block or mash buttons. That’s it. Never neutral jump because she can easily catch you with her HP Bolt.

If she combos into EX Fireball on block, I think you can still use cr.LP immediately after to stop shenanigans. But I want to say that changed with season 2 and she’s more + on block after EX Fireball now. Because she needed to be more + on block of course.

I used to recommend that you save meter until you have super so you have something to scare her and shut down her yolo/setplay nonsense. Since in season 1 you could do a Clap combo and just end it with a reset that’s in your favor. But you can’t do that anymore obviously. It’s up to you if you want to spend the meter or not. I don’t have an answer.

You could have abused Alpha Counters to knock her down and get pressure but you can’t do that anymore either. Thanks Obama.

If you use Charged HK (sparingly of course) Laura can unfortunately easily avoid it by doing cr.MK. It was something she could do since season 1 that was never addressed because reasons.

If you get a knockdown you can dash in and still get away with the LK<MP target combo, if she blocks it she can’t punish until she has super.

If you score a LK Brimstone knockdown, keep in mind that if you dash in and use MP to meaty, her EX Bolt will blow right through that. And if the connection is spotty the Laura scrub can get away with mashing their 3 frame Jab too.

It’s a poking match and Laura wins on that front. cr.LK kind of works but it’s in a very dangerous range against Laura. MK kind of works but not really. It just doesn’t have the range and the 8 frame startup just isn’t fast enough to shut Laura down.

Basically: you hope to get a knockdown, you make a few reads/guesses/Yomi, get her ass in the corner, and try to win. Maybe save for super so you have a legit tool to shut down the YOLO setplay Laura specializes in. That’s it.

Give me a MK buff, give me back season 1 cr.HP, give me a decent Sweep for once, and give me an actual usable V-Skill. Give me that shit Capcom.

Nice tips @ISpitOnYourGrave

This bitch gonna be a headache, mark my words.

Laura has always been a headache but we didn’t play that many Laura’s because everyone claimed she was bad and whined about Mika. Now we’re dealing with the after effects of FGC memes.

Most of the other stuff you posted looked OK. This however would have been incorrect advice in S1 and is still incorrect advice in S2. Ex Thunder Clap was +3 on block in S1 and that hasn’t changed. This makes hitting buttons after blocking it a very bad idea. This move is her party starter and reacting poorly to it (i.e. hitting buttons after blocking it, trying to jump away, etc.) is just going to get you fucked up. After blocking it you either need to commit to blocking whatever she does afterwards or eating a command grab. The only good news is that if she pushes buttons after you block the Thunder Clap she is no longer in range to command grab you.

This was an annoying matchup in S1 due to both characters having kinda shitty defensive options making it a very momentum based matchup. In S2 where one of the characters now has substantially more offensive options and the defense of both remains problematic it’s certainly not going to improve things.

My bad. Chalk that up to a brain fart. But I swear that I read that she’s even more plus after EX Fireball in season 2 but I think it was in V-Trigger mode.

Move was +3 in S1 and is, as far as the change notes care to disclose, still +3 on block in S2. You might be thinking of her overhead which got improved on hit and which can combo if meaty in normal mode and combo on regular hit in V-Trigger. Because why not, right?

I swear I read somewhere that in V-trigger, if Laura does EX Fireball on block it’s +13. But I could be wrong.


Right. I’m a moron. Didn’t check the VT section of the guide. That didn’t change from S1 to S2, right? Either way my apologies @ISpitOnYourGrave .

No problem dude.