Mika Matchup: Nash

Challenge - Nash is a good character for zoning, frame traps, and escapes. This makes him a tough nut for a girl without an invul counter attack. If you let him back off he can implement sonic boom setups, and if he closes the distance to you it will lead to a frame trap.

Focus - For the long range sonic booms Nash is going to want to either anti air when you jump over, counter hit your ground slide, or add a frame trap / throw mixup up close. You can use forward jump body slam to alter the trajectory of your jumps to avoid his anti air. If he dashes quick to follow a sonic boom with a frame trap / mixup you can c.hk under it easily. Remember his aerial blade kicks are prone to counter hits with c.mp, even at a range. These moves give Nash a lot of advantage on block, but just like Mika’s s.hk the weakness is all front loaded. You can react c.mp these and take initiative of the round.

Strike - Nash does not have good wake up options. His best option is to v-reversal with a blocked meaty as this gets him out safely. If he’s wasting his bar on this, he won’t access his v-trigger which is one of his biggest strengths. Keep the pressure up. Nash CA can counter any ground pressure so mix up some aerial pressure like wake up cross ups or neutral jumps.

If you have anything to add or correct here, please post away :slight_smile:

Fuck this character.

I think u pretty much covered it.

Only thing is if he’s sitting on full super Mika needs to be careful(no jumping, charging HK, etc.)

A few other things:

HP Peach is projectile invincible. You can use it to go through/punish telegraphed booms in the mid range. EX Peach is fast enough to reaction punish booms in midrange.

At full screen, so long as he’s not on V-Trigger or CA meter, V-Skilling booms might actually be a decent strategy.

When he’s trying to frame-trap with c.hp, use your V-Reversal.

This match-up is ALL about getting in, or getting the knockdown. Nash has great tools to keep you away, but terrible tools to handle you once you’re inside/standing over him after a knockdown. For that reason, I highly advocate using V-Gauge for reversals against his slower normals where applicable. They can’t backroll the recovery, so you can dash, s.mp after the reversal to meaty on a quick-rise, and continue the string (dash, s.mp, f+mp, f+hp) if he stays down to meaty the delayed timing.

is ex peach completely projectile invincible? cuz I know the armor is only for part of the move

One hit of armor from frame 3 onward (good enough to beat normal booms, not EX booms). 7f startup and really good forward range. Definitely able to reaction punish non-EX booms in the mid-range, which take 40+ frames to complete their animation and recover.

okay, I see. not fully projectile invincible

I’ve never used hp peach to get through projectiles. How easy is that to do on reaction? How much invul do you have to projectiles? I don’t imagine it is actually fully invul, is it?

ignore this, mustve answered to early in the morning

Not really possible (or, at least, practical) to do on reaction because HP Peach startup is too slow. That’s why I only recommended it against “telegraphed projectiles”. You can EX Peach on reaction, but HP Peach is a read.

Watch the slow-mo vid of HP Peach. The part where you see the green outline (hurtbox) switch to a red outline (projectile invincible hurtbox) is the part of the move you’re trying to get over booms with. It doesn’t gain the projectile invuln until well into the startup, as it starts to leave the ground and travel forward. Because of this, it’s only effective as a read, not a reaction.

Thank you for that insight :slight_smile:

I was reading Jiyuna’s translation notes of Daigo’s strategy for the Ryu-Nash matchup and I came across a OS counter to Nash’s V-Reversal that we might be able to implement. Daigo said that if he anticipated a V-Reversal, he would “cancel” his pressure strings into a reverse-fireball motion (qcb./214) so that he could continue pressure if Nash did nothing and tag him with a fireball if Nash did V-Reversal. He also said it was possible to punish V-Reversal with CA by doing a double reverse-fireball motion.

I’m wondering if we could do the same OS but with Shooting Peach. It would be trickier because of stricter inputs (sloppy qcb./214 input could result in a command grab) and range (normal versions of Shooting Peach might be too short or too slow) but with some elbow grease I think we could get it to work.

Good note - I’ll load up some practice mode with that and see what I can find out.

As a Nash player, this matchup is by far my worst.
Is there anyone that is willing to spar with me and help me learn how to fight Mika?

This thread is all about fight buddies, check there.

Also - I would recommend including what skill level you are at, and what skill level Mika players you want to fight with :slight_smile:


Here’s a fun thing you can do against Nash. A lot of Nash players like to open the round with MK Sonic Scythe. Mika can punish with a preemptive st.HP xx HP Shooting Peach. If you’ve got full bar, you can cancel st.HP directly into CA. It’s so damn satisfying to land.

My matches with Nash tend to go the same way they do against Laura… whoever gets the momentum rolling first, usually takes the round.

I will be doing subsequent quick and dirty intermediate guides for all the match ups going forward. Let me know if you find this format and information level useful. Critique is welcome. S-Laughter has some decent advice I don’t have in here. Together I think they make a pretty comprehensive intermediate run down on this match up. Hope it helps.

What R.Mika fears about Nash:

Moonsault, Overhead, safe normals, V-Reversal and generally good escape capacity, ability to out footsie

Main Nash tactics:

Sonicbooms keep her from closing in safely, moonsaults keep pressure on fairly high, his crouching normals are safe enough that overhead is a good mix up, his v-reversal and unmatched walk and dash speed make him slippery as hell and keeping him in the corner a real cause for worry and consideration. His moves generally move him forward but push you away on block keeping you just in his optimal range for specials.

Be wary of Nashes that know their air to air. His ground game is strong and his air buttons will nearly always beat yours. Focus more on anti-airing and predicting/punishing his moonsaults.

His zoning pressure is combined with his ability to mix up with cross counters and teleports. His booms are set up tools as well as zoning tools. It is important to keep him from being too sonicboom happy. The only way to fix this is jump in heavy kick. Should you find yourself too far away from him, neutral jump his booms till he is forced to close in if you have a life lead, otherwise take the risk to get past them and be willing to block a few to get in a more optimal range where you can start preempting them with shooting peach. Staying at mid close range despite his fairly heavy pressure is key to this match up.

His overhead can cause you trouble if the pressure gets too high. Ex Peach can reset the pressure on block as a punish to this.

His wake up sucks, this is why its important to keep him as close as possible. Avoid moves that throw him too far away from you on knock down if you can.

There is nothing you can do about his escapes from the corner. Keep cool, block cross ups and be patient till you can switch things back into your favor with a throw/irish whip/wingless

Punish all ex sonic slices with crush counter combos if possible.

Match Up specific buttons:

Cr. HP, use this button to trade with sonic booms when you predict they will be coming but he is just out of range of your cr. HK. It is a good trade and keeps his moment from building.

Cr. HK, use this button to punish Nash’s at a fairly long distance, builds V meter

Match Up specific buttons to avoid:

Standing medium kick, this button is generally useless in this match up. It’s anti air properties aren’t useful for many of his jump ins unlike some other match ups, and it’s generally unsafe at the range it is best used in. Use sparingly.

Cr. medium kick, do not use this for anything other than sonicboom punishes. His cr. heavy buttons are better than your mediums and can crush counter you every time. At the least it is really blockable given his attack vectors and generally gets you nowhere. Again use sparingly. None of her buttons are bad if used as mix ups in this match up.

Match Up specific meter usage:

EX Peach takes precedent. You can use it to punish his over head on block. Use ex throws sparingly or when you have a lot of meter build up

“There is nothing you can do about his escapes from the corner. Keep cool, block cross ups and be patient till you can switch things back into your favor with a throw/irish whip/wingless”

Not true, s.LP into command grab is a great way to bait and stop his V-Reversal (and he wastes his meter in the process). Against his V Trigger, just jumping back covers all his options and keeps him in the corner. Heavy moonsault is a really risky option for him as your pokes stop its startup.

Your advice is good if he does succeed at getting out of the corner, but Mika most definitely has options to keep him there with some good reads.