Mika Matchup: Necalli

This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

Is his stomp just 100% unpunishable or am I missing something??

Not 100% but it might as well be. Only LK stomp is negative enough to be punishable (-4) but any worthwhile Necalli is going to space it out where you canโ€™t punish with st.LP. HK version is neutral on block and MK and EX are only -2.

So many safe moves in this game :\

How do you guys manage against a defensive Necalli? Whenever I try to get my offense started, he either presses a medium punch when I dash or cr. mk when I try to walk my way in.

This is what Iโ€™m refering to.