Mikado CvS2 Singles/3on3 Tournament (8/11/07)

Game: KAPUESU!!!
Location: Mikado located in Shinjuku (Yamanote Line, DUH!)
Date:August 11, 2007
Time: TBA

It appears this tournament is being ran on the same date as SBO day3. It was decided that was the best day to do it since most of the foreigners will still be around and it wont oppose any 3s and Sf2 (SBO and Pre-SBO) tourneys that have many potential CvS2 attendants.

I don’t know if this is the best place to post it but if a mod wants to move it thats fine.

Someone team up with me and carry me to victory. :lol:

Bas is broke. NOW DISCUSS!

ive already got a team

if i remember right, there’s also gonna be an america vs nagoya vs osaka vs tokyo 5on5 also

and a singles!

america vs nagoya vs osaka vs tokyo vs tsukiji

don’t forget tsukiji

Which one are you on Keith? :rofl:

So much going on this year. SBO and EVO are both shaping up to be the best ever. I’m so bummed I’m not gonna be part of any of it.

hmmm im thinking of going there. n e 1 else here that uses P grove or want some one on their team that plays P grove?

I was at NORCal regionals this year at SVGL, i played JAL i think (i really am not that sure) and got my ass handed to me. he used P ken, cammy, sagat and i used P guile cammy sagat.

if n e 1 interested hit me up

I’M IN…I need a team :wasted:

<-- team tsukiji baby

warren, you coming to japan? i’ll actually try to practice again for reals if i’m on some REAL team…

oh wait. this shit is on a monday??? fuck, is it some national holiday for japan or something?

edit: man fuck this i don’t have a day off that day. my bad warren.

i dont really know ya’ll, but we can meet up and try to find out who is anchor man and what not. if you realy want to team up, im down, but lets meet up and see whats goin down first.

if i ever get time i’ll just meet u at kaikan or something… we can probably get games in or whatever, but yeah time aint really poppin for me right now. i doubt i can even go to this tourney cuz of work anyway, but i am kinda fiending to start playing again.

laugh: you gonna come to japan just for the tourney?

ughhh, i dont know if ur talkin to me, but i live in choufu shi and i work in shibuya mark city. so it is not that much of a problem for me.

edit: ya that was a retarded statement on my half. i just read the posts prior to this not. jack ass i am.

parry: i’ll post in the normal japan thread whenever i go to kaikan… shit is pretty rare though.

laugh: you in korea for good? i thought you lived in socal or something?

if I’m not somewhere on vacation, I’ll go. there’s a tournament this Sunday at 3pm btw. also at Mikado. Singles, and if there’s time afterwards team tourney. We’ll see how my A-Gief does in tournament play. :sweat:

I will go to the single Mikado tournament this Sunday too, probably.

Gunter : are you the A-Zangief, Vega (jp version ), Blanka player who goes to Shibuya Kaikan sometimes ?

I think I’m pretty much the only “serious” A-Zangief player in all of Japan, if not the world. :rofl:

Yeah, that’s me, though most of the time I have the order as Gief-Blanka-Bison2 - unless there’s a C-Sagat on the team… then I’ll match him up against Gief sometimes. :wgrin:

I see :rofl:
If so I played you several times, I am the foreigner player who takes mostly A sak bison blanka. Last time I played with you I fucked up a lot.
Nice gief :tup:

so yeah… why is this on a monday?

gunter: the 13th isn’t a holiday or anything right? my work calendar doesn’t show shit.

edit[ nm, bas just told me it’s on the 11th… aight, where da teams at??? ]

im at 80% to go!

that’s not 100%

This is true

Why bitches don’t let me know? I don’t know.