Mike Chaos Vs. Regency For Money

First up Mike Chaos vs. Dorian ft10 for $200 or more…where yall at???

I got $100 on Dorien, This is free!

I’ll put 50 on Dorien if its held at Regency.

Please Help this Guy

First of all i think Mike Chaos is a funny dude but challenging dorien man…THATS LIKE GOVERNMENT BREAD EASY DOUGH!!!

and i will take 50 vs Dark Prince as well but let him play chaos first dont judge Dorein by those videos thats him when hes not playing just caught him on a bad day a matter a fact only person seeing him is Rick James and Shortterm Regency

But i like them dudes there funny we need some choas in the marvel world and they provide that but Dorein 17th in the world :rolleyes:

LOl…50 vs Dark Prince hu…I think the crown is worth a bit more than that. Add a 0 to that 50 and I’ll chew Dorein up and spit him out while I press the E Z button. So what day do you want to run this shit. Right now it’s set for $200 f t 10 Mike vs Dorein. This weekend?

Regency Rob and Iron M. Your bets are covered. :tup: should be fun to watch and ya it can go down at regency day/time…let us know.

ft10 sounds good. Saturday or Sunday is good for me.

Sunday at 9pm is good for us, let us know.

I talked to Dorian and he said…

Dorian: That is kind of late. Can we do it earlier? Hopefully much earlier.

i like mike any body wanna cover me?

if any body’s down for like 20 lemma knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Posting for dorien:

He says that he wont play for less than 300.

Edit: And I got 50-100 on dorien.

i am down to make a bet for $22 on Dorien if thats ok?

22? wtf? :wtf: haha. so random.

:looney::looney::looney: GO REGENCY

saturday not good for me,i can make it sunday, but i do agree i need more crazy fo’s like Choas and DP. make this shit hype!!

orko: sounds down

Dorien that good? I want to play him. :slight_smile:

What is Regency’s address?

We will put up the $300, you guys can decide on how you want to split that up and cover it so far it looks like Iron $100/rob$50/Tj $50/Short term $100. Sunday any time after 8:30pm

Regency Fun Center
2440 E. Carson
Lakewood CA, 90712

I like Dorian. Anybody want to cover $50-100? Regency closes at 10 on sundays…

Tape it!