Mike Chaos vs Yipes and Wigfall? Will he back up his mouth?

Now i’m sure everyone’s heard Mike Chaos run his mouth against the best of em on the EC in the Douche Pack interview. Now he’s a pretty big guy. I guess he’s benching like 3DPs and a masstick. Now I like a good shittalking comic relief guy as much as anyone else, aka DP, but Mike Chaos is not comedic at all in his appearance. Thus the shit he talks isn’t funny at all.

Now my sources on the WC tells me he’s not bad, but I personally have never seen him play.

But I’d be willing to bet up to 1g that he ain’t shit compared to Yipes and Wigfall.

He also talked shit against Sanford and Justin, but no one in their right mind will actually think he would back up his shit talking agaisnt them. Now Justin’s my boy, and if he actually gets in wazzler’s face at evo, he’ll get a DP thrown at him. Sanford’s fair game.

Thus, will anyone back Mike Chaos against Yipes and/or Wigfall? I have 800 on Yipes and 200 on Wigfall ft10.

I will also bet him i can bench more for $100.


Nowhere in the DarkPrince interview did Mike Chaos said he was better than Yipes or Wigfall in Marvel. He just made fun of Yipes and said he was gonna beat up Wigfall.

my sources tell me a dead horse was beaten today

Is mike chaos from the ghetto? Or is he a suburb kid acting hard? I know for a fact wigfall and yipes are hard. And wigfall has taken a bullet at point blank to stop someone from jacking his watch and slapped the bitch. Thus wigfall and yipes >> mike cuntrag.

If he was really hard, he’d come to Evo East.

I dont know.

lol, nice thread so far. keep bringing the hate.

i just heard from a very reliable source that mike chaos is a real cool person. like everyone likes him. like even after all the shit he talked about wazzler, and after wazzler met him he liked him. But then that’s just wazzler being an amiable person. For those of you that know me, I am no such person. So the chaos will be brought on mike chaos.

lol, im not sure how much you keep up with the mvc2 scene, but in no way will anyone back up mike chaos vs yipes or wigfall dude. chaos vs dsp is about as far as ill reach, and thats no diss to either player, just i dont like putting money on a big underdogg. anyways dude, no more talk about throwing hands and shit man, this is a evo forum. no one wants to ruin the best gaming event ever made so dont start drama here bro. thanks.

I don’t think I started any drama. I’m just rolling with it.

lol good shit but watson has a point and so do you…but we got to stop that drama from rollin any further by murkin them in the game…EC got this no matter what so idk DP was talkin about bein on the 5 on 5 when it wont make a difference…comin from the old evo site under the rules section it said “keep it the game or keep it to yourself” lol no disrepect to no one…just stating an opinion

then under those rules I think DP and Mike Chaos should be banned from evo. Because they said some very hurtful things about my friends, and that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in the srk community.

LOL I wanna see you confront mike chaos up front personally man…stop fucking crying u dumbfuck it’s only a video game:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: …those guys are man enough to take care of their own…STOP FUCKING CRYING:lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

:rofl: Charmin. The softness is amazing.

I don’t know any of these people but I think if anyone was willing to fly across the country to fight someone, they aren’t ‘hard’ they are just a jackass

You are right about that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: what a softee

lol, someone close this thread already…

lol you must have not heard his interview on alphaism radio where he actually was shitting on their gameplay.

yea, it’s a videogame these douches are willing to put out an interview and call out people in very derogatory terms. I’m not letting shit go, and if you think I wouldn’t confront mike chaos, then you’re probably more homo than duc jr.

can I take that bet?