Mike Chaos vs Yipes and Wigfall? Will he back up his mouth?


I don’t think I started any drama. I’m just rolling with it.


lol good shit but watson has a point and so do you…but we got to stop that drama from rollin any further by murkin them in the game…EC got this no matter what so idk DP was talkin about bein on the 5 on 5 when it wont make a difference…comin from the old evo site under the rules section it said “keep it the game or keep it to yourself” lol no disrepect to no one…just stating an opinion


then under those rules I think DP and Mike Chaos should be banned from evo. Because they said some very hurtful things about my friends, and that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in the srk community.


LOL I wanna see you confront mike chaos up front personally man…stop fucking crying u dumbfuck it’s only a video game:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: …those guys are man enough to take care of their own…STOP FUCKING CRYING:lovin: :lovin: :lovin:


:rofl: Charmin. The softness is amazing.


I don’t know any of these people but I think if anyone was willing to fly across the country to fight someone, they aren’t ‘hard’ they are just a jackass


You are right about that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: what a softee


lol, someone close this thread already…


lol you must have not heard his interview on alphaism radio where he actually was shitting on their gameplay.


yea, it’s a videogame these douches are willing to put out an interview and call out people in very derogatory terms. I’m not letting shit go, and if you think I wouldn’t confront mike chaos, then you’re probably more homo than duc jr.


can I take that bet?


versus you?


yea times have been changing my friend



Oh yah let’s see u confront him personally BET IT uU HOMO…i know for a fact that when u see mike chaos and dpc in evo you’ll just turn your head the other way cuz your a lil BITCH:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: …i’m not even gonna respond to this thread cuz this is exactly what this homo is looking for…hey u know what’s gonna help u when u see chaos upfront in evo PUSHBLOCKSAVELIFE :lovin: :lovin: :rofl: :rofl:



This won the thread.


damn man none of this stuff should even be spoken of cuz if you think about it… if some shit does go down at evo then ALL of us are gonna lose…ex: NO MORE EVO or even worse people wind up being killed

you know if mike chaos talks so much about how people take the game seriously than why doesnt he turn his head to DPC…cuz he’s talkin about how he’s not on the 5 on 5 cuz he says he’s better than the players on a team…THATS takin the game to seriously…so stuff like this shouldnt exist in the community because its kindergarden shit…someone talks shit about me im gonna punch him,stab him, or kill him…thats stupid cuz for all we know people in across the world are probrably talkin shit about him…hes not gonna fly across the world just to hurt somebody…ALL this stuff is nonsense and should just be dropped on the spot and let the gaming skill do the talkin


this thread is fckin stupid, mods, lock this shit


wtf? you respond by saying you’re not even going to respond. good shit. Are you in college?


Blaziniflo ftw.

anyway i dont want any “real” fights to go down at evo since that would basically bury evo permanently…weren’t we through this discussion in 2002 when I acted like a douchbag? I can’t remember.

can we all just place our bets on the moneymatches and be happy that we’re getting free money…


i think we’re missing the point of this thread. Mike chaos specifically called out yipes and wigfall in the video. He should back up his words with moneymatches. Dookie Pie might talk shit, but he at least backed it up with matches. Mike Chaos was really hyper on film, he should man the fuck up. Quoting Sam, “Real talk.” Will he back Mike Chaos. I remember him saying on the video “anyone” from the EC vs “anyone” on the WC, he’d back it.