Mike fass facebook

mike fass facebook


my friend mike fass the street fighter actor in recent years with 9 episodes well here I present some of the photos of mike fass facebook what I like best

Here is a picture of the 80s when I was a drummer at that time
this said on his facebook of this photo
BACK TO THE SKINS: Another look at my career as a power hitter. Here is an excerpt from the study of a live trial with Helper. Singer, composer and guitarist Sam Rodd (whom most of you have heard as a dubbing artist in all kinds of media) and Adam “K” Kiviat on bass are presented here with me. I was the replacement of the original drummer Randy Lee. “Entertainment Tonight” made a good profile about us that aired nationwide on NBC-TV. “Martian tears” is the song and here we are in 1998 …

Here is an interesting picture given
Almost out of the book before the crowdfund promotion essay begins for the pilot episode of José Lara’s new comedy series, “Richinov”

This photo is interesting says BACK TO THE SKIN: More memories of my days as a power drummer. Just after the breakup of Neon Fire in 1998, 20 years after we formed in '78, I try to prove to myself that there was life after Neon Fire. He had written a television comedy pilot about a rock band to The Monkees, The Archies, The Partridge Family, etc. It was called “Doomed Airship”, and began writing music to play on the program, however, we recorded some great tracks and, since the program needed a main song, here’s a sample of that. Warren Kitt - bass, guitars and vocals, Gus Ferrari - vocals, Mike Fass - drums, percussion, keys and vocals. Actress Francesca Maria was chosen as group manager and Carlo Fortunato was posing as the keyboardist of the group (not in this record, but is a real-life player and a good actor) and our director of photography was not another than the actor / director T Walker Rice. Since 1999, this is an excerpt from “Doomed Airship Theme” (Power Voltage Records). Photo of another great rocker, Lase Salgado.

good picture a classic

the great moments of his life as a drummer well for him there are many interesting pictures of mike fass on facebook

I like this dice more. I love the progress that Just Offshore is making in its most recent recordings. It’s great to hear RICHI Castle with the main voices and absolutely stellar performances of Russ Mate in almost everything else. I was there to provide vocal harmony and percussion tracks. Everything was good! - With Richard Casale and Russ Mate.

Well, these are the interesting photos of his Facebook, good for my friend Mike Fass