Mike Jones was staying at the GVR and I found him


Me and Duc Jr found mike jones. here is the story…

We goin room to room lookin for marvel money matches. we knock on the first door askin for marvel.

any marvel comp here?
well is mike jones here?

LOL , we walk off to 8734. we get there and knock.

any marvel?
nah, too tired (they were high and wasted).
ahh, ok. is mike here?
mike jones. is he here with u guys?
nah hes not.
where is he?
i think he went down to the food court.

LOL, we laff and leave to the elevator. we go down 1 floor, pick up a bunch of halo 2 losers. duc jr yells out…


a random guy points to a guy standin next to him. we laff a little

ya, thats me.
Identifcation please, son!

the guy whips out his id and behold, MIKE JONES on his Drivers licsense.

we start bustin up laffin, they start to get out and duc jr follows him out the elevator and i think gave him a hug yellin we found mike jones!

we get back in, go back to our room and have a nice story to tell.

I remember hearing that guy’s name in the 3s bracket. Random ass white guy, right? Fucking hilarious.

it was funnier at ts5 at his first apperance b4 the ice was in his grill ect…

Lol I remember saying Nah Mike aint here and you and Ducjr almost died laughing…

I found MIKE JONES!!! back then…now…

i had mike jones in my 3s pool

random 1 game matches let me make it out as the winner

hahahahha, i was the guy that pointed him out to you on the elevator.


hoes all on him!