Mike kunkel= next jeff smith

dudes a legend in the making, has gotten props for years for his herobear stuff and is getting alot more mainstream stuff. i love his art and love his designs on juniper lee which i hope gets released on dvd…show was too beastly…asian buffy.

heres a blog for his shazam comic he’s working on its an all ages comic so take that into account when u look at the designs

newarama article

normal blog with some cool art

I actually met the guy. He and Ryan Cody are both local artists, and they both provided a Daredevil sketch to add to my collection. He broke away from Disney animation to do his HeroBear and the Kid stuff, which is probably the best kids comic on the market right now. The coolest part was when the store I was working at (Atomic Comics) was hit by a car, and the entire stock was ruined due to the car hitting a water main, he gave us about 100 free HeroBear graphic novels, comics, and flipbooks at his own expense. The guy’s a class act.

wow…thats crazy…thats awesome to hear.