Mike Ross Vs David Lee $$ Match Results

Since David is back from rehab, he instantly challenged MIKE ROSS to a first to 10 money match for $125… held at mikes house w/ me and Reset there to witness the madness

hella teams were used but in the end came down to whole lot of santhrax from Mike and mag teams by David… they tied at 9 each, then david wins by a pixle in the last match…


welcome back David

and Mike too from allegedly quitting marvel. i’ll see you both at FF.

Dang, MIKE ROSS hung in there huh? hard loss tho…so much money.

cant wait for vids on this shit damn 125?!?!? :wow: to much for me but marvel is worth it :tup:

no its not… 25 cents is the most anyone should pay for marvel… even then, 25 cents is too much for a shitty ass game…

mike… next time u have 125 bucks lemme know… so we can spend it on much better things… if u get my drift

cant argue that… .25 is too much for marvel.

People still play this game? lol

OMG my hero David Lee is back Go David

Yo whats good is David coming to ECC?

i dont even play marvel but i bet these were sick ass vids.

Give me more quarters Nam!!! Then i’ll just move over a few seats to the right, then give them right back to you on cvs2!!lol

So let me get this straight… the instant David gets out of rehab, he plays someone for a BUNCH of money? :confused: heh, why does that not sound right to me. Can anybody say RELAPSE? :rolleyes:

when are the vids coming

Shoot, expect em sometime this week.

I wanna see DavidL! = o

are the vids out yet???

Within the hour my good friend within the hour…

hey whats up reset. your too good. you beast!!!

so where are the vids of me beastin on ya at, did you get rid of them…


i guess these vids are just not coming ohh well. it was cool to hope so…