Mike Ross vs soo?

team mike ross - sentinel, storm, im.
one of his fight against soo.i think in 4th game…
he uses iron man single infinite into the corner…
like in iron man tribte video…
soo uses -msp.


What are you trying to explain here? a inf combo or how he set up for the otg hk lk inf…??? or was it just that cool to you…:o :o :o

yes, how he set-up the otg hk lk into infinite???
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thx…
for help.:smiley:

capcom jeff here it goes…

Did you make a mistake because I really can’t see that combo working.

There are many different combos to set up the flying screen infinite. The easiest one for me is launch, u+fierce, a/d u/f, jab, neutral fierce, pause, neutral rh, start infinite with lk. It all comes down to timing the neutral rh.

Launch sj f.fp, air dash down foward lp, d.fp , nuetral hk, land j.lk, j.lp, j.lk, j.up+fp…etc etc etc

wow…It’s exactly how it looks like in the vid after the launch it’s lp, lk , mk, Fp RH kick on the way down then lk, lp,mp up+fp <----IF you don’t do it that way they will be too hight for the up+Fp

Where the fuck did you people see an airdash?

That doesn’t work… you can’t get lp, mp after lk unless you break it up so that it doesn’t even combo.

Works if you do the standard lk,mp,mk though.

What I use is hk, sj.fp, a/d/f, lk, neutral fp, hk otg, j.lk etc.

Is that corner only or does that work anywhere?

Corner only. You can usually do it a little away from corner to, as long as the sj.fp hits them in the corner then finish it out.