Mike Watson vs Gootecks Money Match?

A lot of commotion has been made recently about this


So I was thinking, what a HYPE money match this would be at EVO. Everybody knows watts is getting old and everybody knows gootecks is the new kid on the scene. What place other than EVO could settle something like this?

I’ve approached Mike and he says hes up for it 100% no doubt. I also approached Gootecks at Gamestop Finals and he said hes not up for it because “That isn’t what Street Fighter is about” Hopefully we can convince Ryan that this IS what its about and have one of the most hype money matches in the history of EVO come July.

First to 5 for 500 dollars. What do you guys think?

you just don’t know.

I got the guy that doesn’t ban things because it’s inconvenient.

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Yet he was there getting loud for the Fatbear vs Kai MM…

at evo…
and cali regionals…

If he don’t want to do it, oh well. I say let gooteck’s performance at evo be a statement, either good or bad, since he hasn’t been doing good in recent socal tourneys.

This is a good idea for the following reasons:

  1. OG vs. NKOTB
  2. Watson has invested like 1% amount of time in SF4 compared to Gootecks so it’s interesting to see how two players with such contrasting experience do against each other
  3. When asked about studying frame data Watson replied, “Fuck that shit, homie. OGs didn’t have to study frame data back in the day because there were so many good players. Seriously” With that little snippet, it’s always interesting to watch frame data semi-students vs. Feel / Experience players.
  4. We’ve never until recently maybe reached the point where some players might be getting too old to play. Will age be a factor? Watson is like 40 now or something. Can he take down someone who lives, breathes and eats SF4? I think he can. I don’t think the torch is ready to be passed.
  5. This MM might become the catalyst for other OGs to call out other NKOTB
  6. After what I heard at Gamestop World Finals, hmmm…



Mike told me the exact same story. It’s almost like he cut and pasted that log to me and has it saved on his desktop.

With that said, I think that is such a cop out to say this isn’t what SF is about. I would be interested to know from Ryan’s point of view what SF is about then. And seriously, I don’t think anyone in America is that good enough in SF4 to say, I’m losing cause I’m not trying or I’m winning now cause I decided to try, unless of course they are playing against me, cause I sux0rz. Does that mean you lost to Ironfist at the last tourney cause you weren’t trying?

That’s pretty weaksauce. The SF community is such an ego based community. It’s always about making some kind of excuse for losing, the sticks, I’m not trying, etc… etc… in order to keep the players from feeling good about themselves. I think its time to be honest and put some money on the ego.

Oh there they go. There they go, every time I start talkin 'bout fighters, a white man got to pull Gootecks out their ass. That’s their one, that’s their one. Gootecks. Gootecks. Let me tell you something once and for all. Gootecks was good, but compared to Mike Watson, Gootecks ain’t shit.

Let’s also try to keep this civil and not bash based. SF can handle it.

Gootecks is a cool foo to drink with… AND he’s half mexican.


The point of this thread isnt too bash Ryan. The point of this thread is to see if we can get a hype money match between two well known fighters. Lets try and keep it civil.

Yeah no bashing! (my post was a joke. If you didn’t get movie reference, shame on you)

After watching multiple SBO videos I say it’s never too old to play SF. Some of the top ST players were like 40 something year olds easily coming off work. In their business suits and everything. SF is way more about the mind than dexterity and the mind can stay sharp for a long time I think. They say your reflexes peak at the age of 18 and slowly degrade but I think experience makes up for that. I have a picture of a 50 year old lady in Japan who was apparently sick with Yang in 3S.

I personally think Gootecks has a lot to prove though seeing that Balrog is a character that apparently is not being used as often in Japan. Which is getting people to speculate that Rog may not be as strong as America hypes him to be. I think this and other events in the upcoming year will test whether sticking with Rog and simply sterengthening (I know I spelled that super wrong) his SFIV game will get him back into winning position.

Highly doubt this will happen, I spoke to mike ross at Final Round and asked him if him or ryan would MM anyone. And ross said they both feel MM’ing is a bad habit that came from MVC2 and made mvc2 shittier. Or something to that extent.

But if it did, it be sick. Watts is that dude, what people fail to realize is he’s mex also :wink:

We (the 2009 people) love Gootecks for making the tu-tu-tu-tutorials for us to learn how to play SF4 and taking our money through donations!

make it happen. why not?

yiddish accent

He beat Justin in Sinsation

was I the only person to get the coming to america reference?

shrug I wouldn’t blame Gootecks for not wanting to MM Watson. I see Gootecks constantly trying to make the community stronger whereas Watson just goes around throwing his e-peen about yelling “IM TEH BSET EVUR!!11!1” Different ideologies. :lol:

Not at all. :rofl:

“What is this velvet?”