Mike Z (or someone), can you clear up some scenarios on Isaac's time travel?


If future-me does a hit, and I get a combo starting from that hit, if I don’t go back in time, is all the damage from the combo gone too?

If future p1 hits future p2, and present p1 stops present p2 from going back in time, would p2 not have taken the future damage because they never went into the past to get hit?

What if the future move kills a character and the incoming character stops them from going into the past? Does the downed character come back to life?

What happens if you die in between the future move happening and the timer reaching 0? I’m guessing you just die, but was wondering if maybe you are kept alive until after your teleport.

Can you do future moves if the travel point is after a time over?


If future you gets hit and the attack started the combo, Mike said that he thought it was too mean to take away the entire damage from that point on, and just gets back the damage from the punch.

I am also curious about killing a character with the move and interrupting the teleport. If I understand how he implemented it in the engine, the downed character would indeed come back to life, gaining the health from the time travel move only.

I’m assuming that you can do time travel moves even when the time left on the counter is less than 5 (so the teleport back would happen after theoretically), but I’m assuming you can simply lock his time travel moves if so, but not sure if Mike will.