(@Mike Z) Will there be another character voting poll for the rest of the characters (or new ones)?

I know based on the donation drive making another character will be very expensive, but do you think after some time has past( say maybe a year or so) there will be another character drive where we can vote again? Thank for giving us this opportunity though.

yeah, considering how this one has gone to the dogs anyway.


Would you consider another crowdfunding drive for more characters?

Now that we (or more accurately, you) have proven there is interest in the game, we’d like to pursue traditional publishing options moving forward. Going back to the consumers a second time would feel weird. We’re extremely appreciative of the support we’ve received so far, but we do not want to “milk” our fans after asking for their support once.

There will be one more character vote after this, if you didn’t know.
2 mystery characters were funded.

@Rabbit360 I thought the top two would be DLC, opps sorry.

It takes a while to create characters so there isn’t a need to pick both in the same poll.