MikeZ Wins the Cannon Award!


For his lifetime contributions to the fighting game community!

…but he wasn’t there in the room to receive it, hahaha.

Congrats, MikeZ.


was kind of an anti climax that one lol.


where the fuck was he :wtf:


I think he might of been at the Skullgirls salty suite.


Working on the patch.


I think Mike is good player and good creater.
Please take care your health!


I was already back in LA. >.< We couldn’t find cat-sitters due to all of the usual candidates going to Evo, so we had to leave early Sunday. (I picked a flight right after the KOF finals. :^)


Congrats on the award, Mike. Well deserved. Would have been cool to see you get it on stage.


I c what u did there.


Congrats on the award.