Milford CT Arcade


I work at a new arcade in Milford, Connecticut, but unfortunately we do not have any fighting games. :sad:

I am in the process of putting together a presentation for my bosses to convince them to buy a Street Fighter III: Third Strike cabinet that I had found a great deal on to use in their arcade.

However, I need to prove to them that it would indeed get the play to justify the purchase (along with other fighters down the line if it does well enough).

I now post this here to see what the interest would be in tournaments, and any of you guys who just want to come down and play the machine if we were actually able to get our hands on it.

We really want to get it!

Wheres the arcade. If you put the machine there people will come and play just make sure the hardware is in working order. I cant stress that enough. Thats the issue that we have in the surrounding areas. Oh and you might want to post this in the CT thread next time because this will probably get closed.

Id think you’d definitely have draw as you’d be the only place I know of within approx 40 miles of any fighting cabinets. I know I would go.