Milford, CT - Post Mall is getting SF4 cabinet!

So i heard from my friend who works at Crazy City at the Milford Post Mall that they are getting an actual japanese SF4 cabinet soon!

theres a catch though. due to costs, they could only get one, BUT if theres enough people that come to play and show support, they’ll get a second cabinet for some actual versus.

ill post when i get an actual date.

fyi, Crazy City currently also has MVC2, Third Strike, Mark of the Wolves, and customer favorite, CVS2.

That’s excellent news. However, every time I go there I cannot seem to find a 3S nor a MoW cabinet. I’ve seen a Children of the Atom cabinet, but maybe I’m blind or all the fighting game players get VIP access to that room behind the counter.

i think MoW is on this cabinet where it has like 3 games in one. its got MoW, Metal Slug, and some other game

A day late and a dollar short? :wonder:

actually if they get two arcades by the time the Championship edtion update happens, it be awesome that way we can have the new SF4 close to home. Cause the Japanese are defenatly getting the update first.

So…then where is the 3S cabinet?

If they only have one cabinet that game is going to make shit for money. And in fact would be a waste of capital on the part of the arcade.

They’re gonna have to pony up for another cab if they want to make any money on that game at all.

bad news, looks like the sf4 cabinet they were looking into wasnt in good condition so it got canned.


It was bad idea to get one only anyway.

And for the record, Smiles in Milford sucks balls.

Its silly that a gamestop has more arcade players in it on a Saturday then lousy Smiles does.

Get with the program corporate or close that shit down already.

jus fwi, it was “crazy city,” the arcade/family restaurant at the post mall i was talking about. not smiles. and yeah smiles sucks ballz nowadays haha

Oh, in that case then this blows!

Crazy City is actually a really good arcade! Seriousley! My bad. :blush: