Milford, CT Smiles CvS2 8/2 RSIGLEY TAKES ALL!


Fun tourney but bad controls, Sigley had to beat me in finals :(.

  1. rsigley
  2. AMinorThreat
  3. James Austin
  4. SuperJoe
  5. Antonio
  6. RugalsMissingEye
  7. iplaycvs
  8. Wei-Cool
  9. waka
  10. HatedOne
  11. Parker
  12. Liquid
  13. Foo-DawgX
  14. Red Impact


really fun tourney…someone run this again in Smiles before the summer is over please


7th place? What happened Sunny…did they bribe you to take a loss or something? :smiley:


Good Job sunny. I hope you are ready for my yama haha.


i underestimated SuperJoe going into the round and got eliminated…but those guys above me are insanely good…those who used A-groove can do RCs like nothing :bluu:


well i guess this makes josh the best cvs2 player in ct who would have thought josh would defeat james thats almost like delvis beating me but that will never ever happen

The OFFICIAL Versus Thread
The OFFICIAL Versus Thread