Military Coup Ousts Niger President

Millions of rednecks excited after misreading the headline

:rofl: does SRK have KKK members :confused:

This was too easy.

I LOL’D though.

I made the mistake of mispronouncing Niger when I was in middle school. First time I recalled seeing the country spelled that way, but said it how I thought it was pronounced anyways.

And my history teacher was black too. He just facepalmed, shook his head and giggled and told me to keep going.

Call da ambalamps

Holy fuck that’d be awkward.

Thank god no more obama

Being that this is the internet you can bet your sweet ass that we have kkk, AB, and your average skinhead posting on here talking about how overpowered Balrog is.

i remember one guy a few years back claiming he was racist just not sure if he was kkk.

kkk members do not play anything except for americas army
best belee dat

(Insert niger joke)

Oh god my stomach hurts now :lol:

I was beaten to the punch, so I’m just going to post this again.


Lol at the av, moving at the speed of the internet bitches.

I happen to be a racist. Been rockin’ the av forever now. Boom.

I was one of the few saddened to realize a G was missiing…then I was sad again to see they wernt talking about Obama.

Umm, no. If it were him, the headline would read “Revolt Ousts Kenyan President”.

:u: you mean muslim socialist nazi president

I clicked into this thread solely to see how long it would take before somebody said something like that…it was in the OP. :lol:

lolz, good ol’ Niger. I am sure we haven’t gotten one of those KKK members in here yet?