Military Coup Underway in Turkey


Oh shit. Not a good look right now.


Why is it not a good look?


Oh shit Europe is fucked


After so many coups they finally had a government working for, what, 10 years? They kept the country pretty secular. That’s a big win for that section of the world. They are an important US ally for the region.

Do you want me to go on?


I would not agree that the country is pretty secular right now.

Either that, or I would argue that the government is not secular enough in the eyes of influential outside forces that may or may not be coercing this event.


the country was degrading and being eroded in the face of that Islamic cancer.

to say that it was stable is bullshit. this is bad only because it means the US might throw american lives away if that bitch HIllary wins


Things said during the coup in Turkey:

“Now is not the time for us to be chicken.”

“This current government is for the birds.”

“Cannot wait to make them gobble up our missles.”

“This coup will be gravy.”

“We’re gonna blow the stuffing off them.”


And anything else that was said.


Erdogan also treated the Kurds very badly and those were doing a lot of effort fighting against ISIS. His regime was quite oppressive so I don’t see much of a loss, depending on who replaces him. Dunno what the military will do with the country from now on.


Hope this doesn’t turn out to be a case of “new bosses, same injustices” after all is said and done.


First Nice, now Turkey, and then Smash on Sunday… Nice knowing you guys


Erdoğan needs to be deposed. Go, people of Turkey. Please don’t install another fuckwad.

I was just talking to people last night about how stupid they are for wanting to support gun control. A lot of them are in foreign countries, places a lot less stable than the US, yet they still don’t understand that just because an uncontrollable national crisis hasn’t occurred to their country in recent years, that doesn’t mean that it can’t ever happen during your lifetime.

Bullshit like this can happen anywhere, and it’s totally out of your control. The ability to arm yourself should shit hit the fan is and should remain a basic right. Situations like these are just… what… second amendment advocates are talking about… It’s NOT about trying to fight your government, or going up against a tank or a cruise missile as so many out-of-touch gun control proponents seem to always misunderstand. It’s about being able to defend yourself in the unlikely, but very possible event that chaos starts happening near you.

Tell me HOW you’re going to rely on local law enforcement or the government to handle a bunch of looters coming onto your property during a time like this? They can’t. That’s why you need to be armed.

Anywho, figured I’d take the time out to spell that out for people who have no foresight, even though they pay for insurance, take vitamins, exercise and use condoms. I need to be safe! But fuck owning a gun, I’ll never need that!

Finally, on topic again, I hope Turkey can establish peace.



Nope they won’t. Countries like these need dictators, so they don’t get taken over by the religion of peace leadership. Every time we’ve disposed of a dictator, it has been a massive mistake.


What the fuck do gun control have to do with the coup in Turkey or am I missing something here?


Oh, you’re right Bulldancer. I forgot that religious types pretty much require some sort of watchful babysitting in order to maintain anything resembling basic morality.



I am fairly ignorant of Turkeys internal politics but from what I am reading the Military coup’s fairly routinely, keeps the Islamists from tearing up the secular constitution and has a consistent track record of turning it back over to the ballot box.

Guns are an essential part of any free society. This is what happens when governments are armed and their people aren’t.


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It’s an example of the bullshit that can happen where a person would want to be armed.

People think that gun rights in the US is only to go up against a military tank or some shit, but they’ve never even considered the possibility that social unrest can and does come about unexpectedly. They live in la-la land where daddy government and the local police protect them.

Welp, shit like this is why you should be armed. It’s the prefect example.



FUnny you say that Manx,

last week NPR had a news story about this poor mother in Venezuela that had to wait +2-3 hours in line just to buy subsidized food. You want to know what happened?

A bunch of crazy bitches with guns threathned to kill her if they didn’t let her cut in line, with guns. But fuck guns right?


I’m sure she could have just called the local law enforcement and they would have come a’running in with SWAT gear, right?



Turkey coup for dummies: