Military etiquite: what is it?


I was going to ask this in the military thread, but i decided that this deserves a thread of its own. So why do they do the things that they do? Why does hazing happen? Because i am afriad of getting this treatment when i go in.

I want to know how people there tend to operate. Y’know…so that i don’t end up wit a section 8 discharge.

So what makes them haze you?


I was in the air force in the mid-90’s. No hazing. They don’t really allow that kinda shit anymore…well, maybe in the navy, but after somebody took video that made national news years ago, instances are few. Just listen to your co, and fuck anything questionable other enlisted members may want to do without your co’s knowledge/permission, especially if it seems wrong, or injurious. You should know better than to participate, and can bring the idiots up on charges of assault and batter with intent to damage government property (you). Too many fools try to live in the military like it’s a fuckin’ frat house.


I heard that whatever you do to them…weither they are wrong or not…they do it back 10x worse. So…they are not soilders…but punks?


So you’re a gangster going in to the military that is afraid of hazing?


Just take it up the chain of command. Chances are they’ll go to NJP (non-judicial punishment). There are shitbags in the military, but it only seems like they’re everywhere because a lot of what you hear is negative. There’s not a lot of them, and it can be pretty easy to stay away from them. Trust me, if someone messes with you and they lose a half month’s pay two months in a row they’ll think twice before doing some dumb ish again.