Military Surveillance: The Chris Video Thread



My first thread so excuse the mediocre title, just not wity like that. Ill try my best to compile all chris footage here and constantly update the OP.

Btw Im changing up the set-up, instead of posting 50 matches from one tourney by the same player ill just post one, and you guys can just check the rest in the respective playlist. I figured this place might get clustered after a while so ill just keep it this way, unless anyone has other ideas.

Ultimate MVC3


[spoiler= Gameplay][/details]



[spoiler= Changes]


Vanilla MVC3


[spoiler= Combos]
PoorMansComboVideo - Task, Skrull, Chris
[media=youtube]MQB6otcEeJ0[/media]]Chris combos by persona



About 20 minutes in, some really nice chris gameplay
55 minutes in more chris
11:50, 45:00 & 1:29:30 (2 matches in a row)
0:00, 37:30, 51:50, 1:52:00
15:00, 1:05:00
27:00, there is one more but I can’t find it yet
A LOT of chris, can’t post all the time stamps
38:00(ll.nd 2 in a row), 1:15:00(ike takeda), 1:32:00(ike takeda)
Search for a player named forward
AZ Ranbat 1.1
Haz-mat 2v2 tourney
First to ten MM Forward vs Danimitsu - iplaywinner - Starbase Arcade - MVC3 & MK9 - ~9PM PST(about 1:00:00 in some sick chris play)
MvC3 - Kazz (Chris,Shuma,Trish) vs Kingthe2nd (Wolverine,Dante,Hagger)
Look for a player called rameo (1:44:00 - 1:52:00) (1:10:00 - 1:17:20), (1:52:30 - 1:57:15) (0:39:45 - 0:44:40)[]ECCT[/COLOR]](‘http://[COLOR=#1d6297’)LF Tai Hyuga vs Cambo Sam
[SIZE=3]]ECCT WF Bebob vs Cambo Sam[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]]ECCT GF Bebob vs Cambo Sam[/SIZE]








not much love for chris at those events huh?


lol actually there is a lot of gameplay almost everyone had chris on their team at a point, just not much that is very good gameply so i wont bother posting that stuff.


I made a combo video: [media=youtube]B9xd0CX150g[/media]


Good shit bro, ill update the OP asap.


I’ve been working on my Chris recently. He’s a beast, but I think you need to be patient with him. He seems clumsy and slow at first, but he’s a ballistic powerhouse.

The name’s Stout.

Max Stout


YouTube - PoorMansComboVideo - Task, Skrull, Chris

I made a vid of my ‘team’. The vid includes some super basic chris/team synergy combos. Stuff I actually can hit in matches :slight_smile:

Nothing too awesome like GcYoshi, hat was nice stuff! I’m hoping to see more gameplay vids soon.


Updated, one question though, does the tenderizer into grenade launcher work outside of the corner?


The Grenade Launcher hyper combo is strange. I believe that combo I showed will only work on characters with big hitboxes… I can probably make a list at some point of who it does and does not work on.

So far, I’ve been able to hit full combo on Cap and Skrull I believe (or Skrull was KO’d before it could finish?) Edit I was trying this out more and if you time the tenderizer correctly it works on Ryu too! There are 2 was to hit this… Either (1) the 2nd shot hits on the way up or (2) the tenderizer leaves them in a juggle state long enough to be hit by the 3rd grenade shot. Interesting stuff end edit

You’re actually better off using a well timed Sweep Combo (or the Level 3) off the the Tenderizer. From mid screen, I’m pretty sure you can do the d.H (Gun Shot), Tenderizer, Sweep Combo. It’s hard to set up outside of a corner though.

Chris is actually really good at cornering someone if you get a launcher. His super jump is pretty awkward… it’s long (as in body wise) so it catches the opponent and moves you with them and it goes pretty far horizontally too. One launcher can nearly take you to the corner. One good thing to do (though I cannot hit it consistently yet) is something I caught off of a Trag13 video. He does a launcher into j.M, j.M, j.H, Air Magnum… this causes bounce for an easy relaunch. I think this will have your opponent cornered in no time.

This game is very fun in thinking up combos… I just got an idea while typing this…

I wonder if you could do: Launcher, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, Call Skrull, d.H (gun shot), Grenade launcher, x-factor cancel, sweep combo or maybe even something cooler… I feel like that would have good damage.

I haven’t played around too much with x-factor… again, with my poorly shot, mediocre combos, I was just hoping to maybe inspire people good at the game to come up with some interesting stuff :slight_smile:


I’m still working on Chris. I have a hard time using him online. I probably should practice more with combos I’ve seen on here and make a few of my own. I was just going to add this. You can X-factor during the :d::h:, so you could just skip the Grenade Launcher combo all together, maybe. I’ve tried canceling into X-factor from a :d::h: and I can’t get the timing down. But maybe it’s something you could experiment with. I also may be mistaken with :f::m:


Combofiend played a pretty nice Chris on WNF last night.

11:50, 45:00 & 1:29:30 (2 matches in a row) - offcast - Wednesday Night Fights Season 2 Opener


^Thanks for the time stamps.

Since there aren’t many vids up, here’s an older video of my early Redfield. Main difference now is I’m trying to use hyper meter more with him and like doing boulder punch combos more now haha.



@PolyBius: Thanks for finding the matches for me, ill post em asap.

@Krsjin: Good chris play there, thanks for posting it, is that your page? Cause I can make an extra tab for pages with primarily chris play if your page is dedicated to mostly chris.


^Oh nah, not my page, it’s our local community’s thing, so anyone here can throw up their stuff. And thanks for the compliment.


Btw… here my vids.



^Nice! Been using that combo with Spencer to grenade hyper as well, but have been doing the L boulder punch. That M one actually looks like it nets more damage though, I’ll have to check.

That second one with Sent assist to finish it was raw.


I run the exact same team as Ike haha

I made a combo video a few days ago, here it is:



Keep em coming guys, classy music choice btw, oh and if anyone knows of any dedicated chris channels, just post em here and ill make a channel tab.


there was another SA tourney today, where I got 3rd. I forgot my camera to see about recording, but most of my matches were on the stream, so they got recorded there, albeit choppily. - Alamo Gaming - Broadcasting LIVE on

My matches are at
0:00 -the backwardsness gets fixed, dont worry

Did okay with Chris, I didnt know that the ground bounce combo didnt really work on sent.