Millennium world tournament:capcom vs. snk rivals

working on some stories and need feedback on idea names for issues

each issue will be dedicated to rivalries based off cvs2 special intros…this is in planning development…sort of tossing it in the air for right now

1= The Demon within [Ryu and Kyo] with akuma cameo
2= Hungry Wolf of Southtown [ken and terry] ken visits southtown
3= Deadly Beautiful Flowers [chun li and mai] with vega cameo
4=Rival Schools.,Deadly Reunion [sakura,kyosuke and yuri and athena] expect many characters
5= The Main Event…[zangief and Raiden]
6= True Champions? [Dan and Joe]

these are examples… I expect many characters to make cameos from different games from both companies such as marco from metal slug fixing bisons machines and appachi from kenichi asking for sagats autograph…etc…,maybe that should be stratched…yeah ill cut that but those episodes arent in any order though…ill get back to you with some ideas and maybe you can pitch me some of yours…my computer is down so im using the wii so i cant give you no eyecandy at a cover art…thanks