Million Knights Vermillion


Million Knights Vermilion - Where Can I Download the Donjon Engine Guys

From the Big Bang Beat guys (lol)

Now I’m the last one to rag on anime fighting games, but damn, the character designs are kinda wack

Tentative Trial Release Date: Apr. 26th, 2009

All the standard donjon engine stuff. Dash, backdash, airdash, airbackdash, four butons: three attacks and a Vermilion button which is used for boosting and supers. Throws are A+B (lol karas). V button can also be used for some defensive and burst-type moves, looks like.


stopped reading right there.


The lolis are pretty hot, but why are their panties showing? :confused: Tamala has some healthy ass legs though.
The dudes in the game… Is the target audience of this game teenage weeaboo girls?

If it’s from the BBB guys, I don’t expect much. The game could’ve been pretty fun and had alot of potential. Yet even with the help of patches, the game sucked. I’ll play it for shits and giggles.


Character designs look like they come from the same people who did Senko no Ronde.

Looks ok, i kinda like Filo, but overall ill agree that the characters are a bit whack. Says its a 2D fighter, stick and 5 buttons. Looking forward to it, since i tend to like doujin/anime fighters.


Maybe they’ll get it right by accident.

Edit: Goddamn the characters D:


Fucking truth. I dont expect much on that game either. Not enough characters, and those chars doesnt look like they’re going to kick some ass. Except the girls, looking good. NOT.


Tamala: Some sort of mutant Schoolgirl/Maid hybrid?


Like the designs, but don’t have much faith in NRF. For now.


Looks stupid.


I’ll download it upon release, can’t say much else


Where are the million knights? And why are they every color but vermilion?


They look like Persona 3 rejects -_-


^ same thing I was thinking. but I like personas art style


Yeah, the art style itself is good. The problem lies within the actual design of said art.


yeah the characters are pretty generic. not much of a uniqueness to them.


I’d give it a shot… but what? No trailer, no screens? I thought Masahiro Sakurai taught everyone how to hype a game.

Also, am I the only one who thought this was a thread about a fighting game created by Million?


Judging by the nonsensical name, I thought the new Touhou fighting game had gotten a name change.


sure Id give it a chance. I give all doujin fighters a chance. :tup:


i’ll play it ( i always do -_- )


I’ll try it. Then delete it if it sucks. shrug