Million, the end is nigh



inb4 Alexis Texas expansion pack


So much for Evo in 2015.


What a bunch of teledildos.


Finally, my lack of game doesn’t matter anymore.

So long 3D world, i only care about 2D women now.


LOL that arm looks like a portal gun.


It was only a matter of time.“Tenchi Muyo!, Teme, Husubando!”, coming winter 2015 from Banpresto and Studio AIC.


how many time would you say youll use it?

would it be…over nine thousand??


so we got another year before Japan drops off the face of the earth?


Interesting. I would make Honda mod for it. See if you can survive the Hundred Hand…job. :smiley:


I think somebody posted this in the lounge 300 or so pages ago. I remember seeing it here before


About three mouths ago, there was another video on youtube of him actually fucking the same chick, but youtube cops removed it.

lol still shows up on my likes, but the video is gone.


Pretty sure I was it me.

Edit: just watched the video, nope it wasn’t lol.

Probably the same number of times that you will ever “come” first in a MVC2 tournament…


There’s one thing I dont quite understand. If Japanese men don’t have the urge to have sex with real women why would there be a demand for virtual sex?


You wouldn’t download a woman.

(you totally would, fuck the police)


Oh hell yeah… I’m on board with any technological advancement that takes us closer to a future utopia where women are completely obsolete. When this and the robots are perfected, who in their right mind would continue to deal with the hassle of the real women (*especially American women)? It would be like someone still playing games on Colecovision, on a black & white television as opposed to any of the modern systems and PCs with HD screens. SUPERIOR SHIT is on the way…have fun being on that fast track to irrelevancy, ladies.


finally. women are gonna be obsolete


Or they are going to have to one up this and be free. I think I see a light at the end of this tunnel fellas!


Women come with a shit load more baggage then just nutting does?


If I remember correctly it wasn’t that they didn’t have sexual urges. It’s that they just don’t want do deal with women and dating. I doubt very many people on earth are actually completely asexual.