Milltown Billiards SF4 tourney 10/8


We got a new TV so the monthly tournaments are back on :slight_smile:
SF4 for the 360.
Thursday October 8th. Registration starts at 6pm. Tourney starts at 8pm.
$10 entry fee/BYOC. same rules. 5 round matches. No time limit on matches. best 2 out of 3 wins.
Winner/Losers brackets as usual.

Also we’re probably going to run a tech romancer tournament as a side tourney on the arcade machine that we have here.
I’ll post rules about that once the owner tells me how he wants to run it.

Hope to see a decent turnout.

It’s about time we started having these again because the entire summer was boring without the big TV. So we have a 42 inch widescreen.

I’ll update the thread as the week progresses.


tech romancer rules still up in the air


wow im the only one posting in this thread D:
i really hope to have a decent turnout for this. c’mon guys =D.

sf4 rules are still the same.
the tech romancer tourney is still going to happen on the side but the rules are going to be gone over on the day of the tournament because we’re trying to figure out how we want to have the matches set up and the rules for it ( since this is the first tech romancer side tourney we’re going to be running ).

sf4 is still going to be on one television, unless we can get a second tv so that we can separate the winners and losers bracets on them, otherwise the tournament will run longer than expected. if someone is willing to bring a tv with them ( doesn’t have to be anything fancy or huge ), I’m pretty sure that you can enter the tournament for free if anyone is willing to do that favor for us. I’ll be updating this thread everyday up till the day of the tournament ( thursday ).

I already know Ryan Halverson is coming to the tournament ( or thats what he told me when I told him about the tourney via XBlive ). I wanna see if someone can take him down lol.

also i WILL be entering the tournament this time. I wanna see how I fare against all the competition here. Not sure if I’m going to use my Ken Fightpad I won from the Gamestop tourney back in the day of if I’m gonna use my Hori stick ( the one with the “stiff” joystick ).

Also we have a Marvel VS Street Fighter machine here as well. We got rid of the broken MvC2 machine for it.

We also have San Fancisco Rush ( idk which version it is ). A Fast and the Furious machine ( single cab ). a neo geo machine with metal slug ( idk which version lol ) and a few other games here as well. Sadly there are no fighters on it cos otherwise I’d totally hold a KOF/Fatal Fury/World Heroes tournament as well.

Plus if you feel the need to get your drink on, there is a liquor store in the same complex as the pool hall. As well as a Taco Bell and a Wendy’s ( which is right after the light the pool hall is located at ).




Address: 248 Ryders Ln Milltown Nj 08850
Ya it’s my fuckin street bitches ;D