Milwaukee Fight Night CvS Ranbats Final (CVS2 & NGBC)

Final Ranbat Totals:

  1. Syxx (67 pts)
  2. TomatoPancake (56 pts)
  3. SRWPyrit (47 pts)
  4. Arsenal (40 pts)
  5. Chun Pai (30 pts)
  6. choppie_choppie (29 pts)
  7. Footmeetsskull (26 pts)
  8. shinwolverne (21 pts)
  9. Madwak (16 pts)
  10. Dot (12 pts)
  11. Alberto (11 pts)
  12. Price (8 pts)
  13. Soloist (7 pts)
  14. Nappyjin (4 pts)
  15. HueyFreeman (2 pts)
  16. Gaijinder (2 pts)
  17. Dan (1 pts)
  18. Sjoin Refur (1 pts)
  19. Mateo (1 pts)

Week 5 Results

Capcom Side
Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. Syxx (11 pts)
  2. Arsenal (10 pts)
  3. TomatoPancake (9 pts)
  4. SRWPyrit (8 pts)
  5. choppie_choppie (6 pts)
  6. Soloist (6 pts)
  7. Nappyjin (4 pts)
  8. footmeetsskull (4 pts)
  9. Dot (2 pts)
  10. ChunPai (2 pts)
  11. Mateo (1 pts)

SNK Side
Garou Mark of the Wolves

  1. Syxx (7 pts)
  2. TomatoPancake (6 pts)
  3. footmeetsskull (5 pts)
  4. SRWPyrit (4 pts)
  5. ChunPai (2 pts)
  6. choppie_choppie (1 pts)
  7. Dot (1 pts)

Placing 3rd in a game I’ve never played before, pretty great I’d say.

Yup this ranbat will be based around 2 things, trying new games and testing fundamentals.

Updated with week 2 results.

Still stewing over that Vampire Savior loss. Had a SUPER AWESOME WORLD ENDING time with SamSho 2. Time to train in some RB2!

yeah that samsho made me change my underwear

I got 4th WOO

my mixups be too “fly”

waits patiently for this week’s results

does not look forward to SSFIV results Hahaha, yeah… Not happy with my playing tonight at all.

Not happy at all with my Honda vs THawk play.

Mixups not fuckups

lol. also shouldn’t I have 5 points because of KOF 98?

no u lost one point because you use t-hawk. anyway seriously though i’m about to update now

wish i could have been there i know i could still be a contender!

We should play a Eternal Champions on the Sega Genesis Week 5. Or Soul Caliber 2 I can bring my copy if we play Caliber.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to make it back when I can. I’ve got a bit of a drive, though, so I’m sure it won’t be a regular thing.

I think the final week should be Capcom vs SNK 1 or 2 on the capcom side and The SNK version on the SNK side. I know it exists, cuz I seen a copy at a game store in Whitefolks Bay. I think it’s called SVC chaos or something.

That sounds pretty appropriate to me. I’ll put my vote in for those two as well, even if I’ve never played either VS series, lol.

SVC Chaos is a bad game and we should feel bad if we actually play it.

Oh, for real? Well for the Capcom side, I’ll vote Capcom vs. SNK #. I don’t know what to go with for the SNK side now since we already went through RB2, lol.

haha yeah that game is pretty god awful

how about neo geo battle colleseum on 360? since that game is basically free with the mw2 trick and it has lots of snk characters from several games

Sounds good to me.