Milwaukee Fight Nights MVC3 Ranbat 3 Results (5/10/11)

  1. Lil Negrito (PSC) 10 pts
  2. Syxx (PSC) 9 pts
  3. Nappy Jin (PSC) 8 pts
  4. Tomato Pancake 7 pts
  5. KKSlider 6 pts
  6. Anthony 6 pts
  7. Footmeetsskull 4 pts
  8. choppie_choppie 4 pts
  9. Munn3y 2 pts
  10. SRW Pyrit 2 pts

Lil Negrito 27 pts
Syxx 26 pts
Tomato Pancake 19 pts
Nappy Jin 15 pts
SRW Pyrit 14 pts
choppie_choppie 13 pts
footmeetsskull 12 pts
KKSlider 12 pts
Anthony 6 pts
Josh 4 pts
Shinwolverine 2 pts
Chun Pai 2 pts
Munn3y 2 pts

Good shit everyone, the place was packed tonight.

Lol at the 2 people who don’t give a fuck about this game being 2 of the top 4 players in it.

It’s true but beating people in games is always fun.

I think they’re doing it to be cool. They secretly love it. Look in your heart nappy, sammy, you know it to be true.

Yay, 0th place!

you didn’t deserve 0! you took a game off sammy, and your skrull was looking good…after you were out of the tourney of courseXD

That’s always the case, haha.

Carlos u are just disappointing me. Before the game out i was like, man, Carlos is gonna pretty good at this game. KK, Carlos got 0th place so his wife doesn’t get mad at him.

“I don’t have to prove myself to you!”<- 10yr old Carlos voice

Well the real question I have is why do you hide your wedding ring every time KKSlider comes to Jerry’s?

Dude, didn’t I tell you Joanna checks my Subbed threads!? She’s gonna kill me! LOL, I joked on Tuesday about kk’s hand touching mine.

Real talk tho, locally I’ve always considered myself upper mid/lower top tier. The only problem I’ve been having with Marvel is how random shit gets. I’ve got no problem with randomness usually, but in Marvel it leads to me losing a character. Historically I’m not the most consistent in tourney play, but that’s fine with me cuz I always have a good time. Also, I’m Puerto Rican so I’m inherently lazy, haha.

tl;dr - I could be better if I work harder but I have fun win or lose so I don’t.

lmao yeah i heard you say that… and got jealous

Its anthony I wish i was there but i got car problems right now hope to be fixed tommorow smh lol Sam likes da game he jus doesnt want to admit it lol

LOL yeah i know

We should be back on track next week for these