Milwaukee: Too grimey for the rest of WI

Yeah, I feel ya. I can still find cool dudes to cruise with on XBL. You can chat, yeah. Daytona USA seems to have the same crowd. Peeps that are really good but aren’t dicks about it.

the problem with this place is that is in a bad neighborghood.
and off street parking is wacked, specially for people with nice cars, i should know, as my friend owns the night club on 6th and national.
ive been ther at night, and i wouldnt go any where else but that club cus it has cops at the door cus of the shootings around there.

Do you have something against people from bad neighborhoods?

I do too, especially the blacks and the mexicans… and especially the blacks.

LOL i’m actually just waking up from being at one of those clubs last night… and there was a paramedic called as i was leaving it

and especially the hmongs

Funny: Capcom read this

If that’s what 5 Star thinks I’m glad I didn’t buy a console for this game. At least I still have my ps2…and the last few days tons of Supercade 3s

Looking forward to the next tourney though- hopefully my 360 converter gets here before then.

you should buy a super nintendo and buy games like demons crest, lufia 2, super mario rpg, one final fantasy game, contra 3 alien wars, and a crap ton of other games that not only will only cost about $150 (AT MOST), but they kick the crap out of 3rd strike. (sorry 3rd strike lovers, but I can’t play with anyone online, :frowning: )

lol, yeah that was random. sorry, I regret buying third strike…and mvc3 (training mode is still fun though)

cool find

Haha buddy I have a softmodded xbox with XBMC, a modded 160GB HDD, Hi def composite cabling, emulators for NES/TG16/SNES/Genesis/N64/Sega Master System and complete romsets for all of them- with a preview pack, so it shows boxart, title screen and a gameplay video clip when you hover over a ROM. Like this:

Way ahead of ya there. :wink: +1 for mentioning Lufia.

As far as them being better than 3rd Strike that’s apples and oranges. I’d rather play 3s (or any pre-2009 fighter even if I’m not as good) two player than any other two player game.

3s Online for me is Supercade -aka 2DF, - with the 3s arcade rom (it’s arcade perfect - forrealz) as I have been since it was emulated in 2008

You have some good 3S players in town. Practice up at home and play them. That’s worth 15 bucks right there to get good at a game that’s proven competitive over 10 years after its release.

I won’t say that 3Soe is perfect, nor will I pretend to know what bullshit did or didn’t go down at Iron Galaxy. But considering few people have PS2 sticks anymore the stark alternative is to continue NOT playing 3S at venues. No game has ever been perfect online, so I’m not going to cry that my $15 is wasted…especially since I paid 50 bucks for the piece of shit that is Brawl when it came out and 30 and 60 respectively for what was essentially practice mode in Tekken 6 and MVC3.

Agreed. If it were just a matter of $15 I would have it regardless. It could have 8 frame input lag offline and play like ass and I’d still have it. I love 3s no matter what. However, I don’t have a current gen console, so for me it’s more like > $300 for a system, HDMI cable, the game, all for a bad port of 3s, and I could give a shit about other fighters… I still want to go to tourneys and improve no matter what

Btw I think you’ve been to Madison somewhat recently? To play at a SF4 tournament downtown (LOL) and you didn’t let me know you were here so we could play 3s… at least thats what Bridgett said, correct me if I’m wrong. I’d still love to have you come up and play, and I’ll get Jaron out here. Let me know if you’re gonna be in town again.

if you were considering buying a current gen system for 3Soe, you are a fucking retard. play that shit for free on GGPO if you want. as for people like me and the rest of the world that has a current gen system, it’s fucking tits. 5 star’s rant, regardless of how sick he is, is laughable. you obviously own the ps2 version and the dreamcast version, and are crying because you can’t turn the training dummy to human? why the hell are you still in training mode anyway? and sound rollback is a bit confusing at times, i will not lie, but aside from that i couldn’t be happier. you see someone with shit ping, bail on the match. the whole point of the game, being ONLINE EDITION is to play, with GGPO, against people online. you begged and begged for GGPO on your console, when you had it for years on your computer, and now have it and cry. good fucking job.

edit: nvm I just got the context. I’m sick and loaded on cold medicine.

No I wasn’t going to buy a system just for 3s:OE and yes that would be fucking retarded. I would buy one for multiple games I want to play, but I don’t like ssf4 or Marvel and HDR is all but dead. FFXIII sucks, all the flavor of the month FPS games suck, modern gaming in general sucks…

3s GGPO = ass. I’ve played on it a few times and had 60+ frames dropped, massive lag, thick black alternating bars across the screen, and even COMMONLY had the entire playfield go entirely black, sprites and all, except the health and super meters and the timer, IN ROUND FUCKING 3. This was against somebody with 25ms ping in IL. Before 3s:OE came out, I remember my friends I play with online and off asking if I’d get it, and me being skeptical, and them constantly iterating “it’s GGPO it’s not going to suck” LOL. I’m sure it’s great offline, although finding out it was based on the Dreamcast port kinda sucks xD

Supercade is based on 2DF and p2p kaillera and has none of the above problems EVEN vs people with triple that ping… 3s was added to GGPO as a BETA in 2008, stated to be buggy, stated to be a temporary game…and afaik it hasnt really been updated since.

GGPO is GODLIKE for ST and A2, because as far as I know it was DESIGNED for those games. I’m not knocking GGPO in general, just for 3s.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts… too bad people prolly don’t want to play on supercade. I’m leaving it at that

Yeah online gaming is awesome!!!

LOL yeah like this


Demon’s Crest is fucking garbage. Yeah, I said it.

I posted on here that I was gonna be at that tourney, and I’m pretty sure Jaron was told day of. Was sad that people didn’t show up; 3s had 4 people. :frowning: I’ll make sure to let you know via PM next time if I make it.

Gargoyle’s Quest was cool, tho.

@ Nappeh: totally agreed about Demon’s Crest, I remember getting it for an emulator way back solely because I heard people saying it was great. I didn’t “get it”- maybe you have to really love Castlevania to like it… seemed like shit to me. I’d rather play Super Valis IV or something.

@ Hogosha - o_O I didn’t see the tourney thread probably, I stopped going to the Madison Happy Wok tourneys and only watch the threads for the Milwaukee tournaments so I didn’t know you were going there (and I had no idea they were playing 3s). If you’re gonna be in town come by my place lol

I dont think 3rd strike is on ggpo anymore

whats your definition of a “good game?” camp of duty 3 or madden 12: you guys keep buying the same shit.