Milwaukee: Too grimey for the rest of WI


545 today


No games today, got a friend’s going away party. Sorry brotherman!


530 today


530 today


Should be home by 545


530 today


No games today brotherman

new link for weeklies


530 today


Looking to get rid of these. LMK if anyone is interested. Both are for PS3. Evo stick has hardly been used and has brand new buttons. SF4 stick has been used quite a bit but has all new buttons. Not sure on price so just shoot me an offer if you want.


Any luck? If not then hit me up. Im showing some interest.


fight nights still happening?





What happened in here?


Looks pretty dead here but there is a new home for FGC in Milwaukee.
Tier 1 Gaming Lounge is hosting weeklies every Friday at 6PM to 12AM
These next two weeks we are hosting SFV tournies

Date: 7/29/2016+8/5/2016
Time: 6:00PM-11AM; Check-in @ 5:30PM
Location: 4350 S 27th St Milwaukee, WI

1st week 7/29/2016 – Free to Play
Prizes –
1st Place gets Tier 1 Gaming Lounge Trophy

2nd week 8/5/2016 – $10 ( no venue fee all to prize pool)
Prizes –
1st Place gets 60% prize pool + 1st Place Trophy
2nd Place gets 30% prize pool + 2nd Place Medal
3rd Place gets 10% prize pool

Other games are fine too we are trying to get a feel of what is most played here so don’t be afraid to bring some setups


The group moved over to facebook. Here’s the link


PSN: Mimeblade

MEELVAUKEE (West Milwaukee by Miller Park)

I can’t believe I forgot about this place!

I own just about every fighting game EXCEPT Street Fighter, though I specialize in GGXrdRev2.


Doing a little community building here, we are trying to find all of our Wisconsin FGC brethren. SF5 is our main game, but we have active GG players, and would like to build our KoF player base too. We have a FB group page and a very active discord channel. Our main group is based in Milwaukee, but we have people from all over the state. We want to bring everyone out there into the fold so we can do bigger, regular, online and offline events.

Community building. If you’re a WI Fighter, comment/message and I’ll get you the invites.


Look at this on eBay