Min Masters presents: SUPER PRACTICE OPERA @ web2zone - May 19

whats good tristate. min masters is taking over the next web2zone saturday event cause phil is a lazy bum. most of this shit was lifted from his previous thread so whatever

basically this event is for evo east practice. all official evo 2d games will be run with the exception of super smash bros melee. tekken 5 dark resurrection and virtua fighter 5 will be run if anyone can loan us 2 playstation 3s (this will get you free entry into the venue)

date - saturday (duh) may 19
date - 12pm to 12am
price - $10 cover
place - web2zone
54 cooper square (cafe area)
new york, ny 10003


via subway (will take you about 1 block from the venue) -

R - all days (5:30 am -11 pm) to 8th street
N - late nights (11 pm - 5:30 am) and weekends only to 8th street
W - weekdays only (6am - 9:30 pm) to 8th street
6 - all times to astor place

via bus -

M1 M2, M3, M5, M6, M8 to 8th street and broadway
M101, M102, M103 to cooper square

via car -

mapquest, yahoo maps, google maps, etc

official tournaments (may include pot bonuses!!)

street fighter 3 third strike 2v2 team tourney - $5 entry per team
capcom vs snk 2 (aka best game ever) - $2 entry
super street fighter 2 turbo - $2 entry
marvel vs capcom 2 - $5 entry
melty blood act cadenza - tba
guilty gear xx slash - tba

doors open at 12 pm, short time for setup

casuals until 3 pm

tourney signups start at 1:30pm for all official games
tourney signups end at 2:30pm. after brackets are made, all official tournaments will start at 3 pm

actually im not sure whats going on with guilty gear or melty blood. they are definitely being run but i am not sure of start time, sign ups, entry, whatever. this post will be edited once i am updated.

practice up

ps over 100 people showed up last event. 40+ for 3s, 27 for cvs2, lots of gg teams. IT WAS GREAT

Yeaaaaah bitch

btw i totally helped pick the name

If I can’t get there, I’ll FIND a way

Min Masters? Fuck. I feel like I’m going to a golf tourney. Let me bring my 9Iron with me.

Tiny correction, MB is $5 entry :open_mouth:

Outside of that, THREAD TITLE IS GDLK.

Ima try to make this shit, I dont think the world is ready

arch da trap master. shits all over yugioh

rep thiz shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m there!

Bringing my own chair too.

Edit: I can also provide a PS2 and possibly (though not likely) a T.V.

Min, do you know taekwondo??

Just for the record, I requested NOT to run this tournament because I’m so worn out from the last one. Plus, I don’t like losing…and I lost hard in everything last time. SO expect to get owned up if you face me in a tournament this time around!

This is a great idea, having a tourney the week before EVO East = best way to practice. I will be there with the CT crew and I will bring my PS2s/games to make this thing just as good as this past weekend.


Maybe I’ll get to eat since I won’t be running tournaments :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin:

Sounds good to me. My Akuma will be better than last weekend :o

Hey guys please add these tournaments I will run as well

Tekken 5 : Dark Ressurection - $2 entry
Virtua Fighter 5 - $2 entry

and for those interested : Dead or Alive 4 - $2 Entry

can you sign up and come back later i work until 4 and its 3 blocks away

i might enter doa4


and Therapist, I hope you have better than what you threw at me on Saturday. I wont lose to that nonsense again!

You could at least give me time to get the score from the first mb randbat up before posting this :smiley:

nice to see some hype already :)…anyways we are gonna do our best to hype this hardcore:)

NICE. Good to see another Web2Zone event…i surely will want to be there this time around.


I’m going to try to bring a whole bunch of 3s players.

Just wait, sir. I hope to be much improved, and much less wimpy.

Someone from last weekend took some videos of my matches, so I’m trying to use that to improve myself.

Either way, I look forward to our rematch.

http://alphaism.voiea.net/radioshow5-1-07.mp3 — HERE lol…I was promoting this event tell me you love me lol