Mind games when you have low health (SF4)


Huh, two thread in one day, man am I a noob.

Anyways, I was playing some SF4 online today, trying to get better with Fei Long, so I only used him. I fought a lot of people (maybe 20 matches alltogether) and overall I would say my win percentage was 40% haha. I’ll tell you why, though. I’m good at using Fei Long to rush down, so it usually gets to both of us at fatal health, moving back and forth trying to land the final blow.

This is where I always mess up. Fei Long doesn’t seem to have and moves safe on block, for some reason when I try to do two Rekkakans, 3 of them come out anyways. Dead. IF I do a Wa-tah! Kick, it’ll either go completely over or be blocked. Dead. If I try to anti air with the Flaming Kick, we trade damage and its always me who dies. Fei Long’s Ultra and Super combos are so hard to land, they’ll always be blocked. Or I wait for them to jab and throw it out, but thanks to lag the jab hits me haha. Dead.

What should I be trying to do when we’re both about to die on the third round and the whole match depends on one move? Not just for Fei Long, for anyone.


Patience i guess? Try to walk around a bit and see if you can bait a punishable move out from you opponent.


something EX doesnt work for you ? :wink:


Play a little less aggressively. Try to set up a obvious pattern and start to deviate from it once they start to guess your moves, bait them to whiff an attempted punish basically. Hopefully that will keep you from getting to that point. Also, if you have a slight health lead just RUN AWAY.


Patience wait for a bait to work and boom winrar!


I think the biggest thing that a beginner can do to level up their game is to calm the fuck down. If I get a life lead, I’ll pressure them until they catch on or I get knocked down. Then I back away. Obviously this is matchup specific and playstyle specific, but beginners don’t think about defense as much as they should. If you make them come to you, as Fei Long, that gives you an advantage.

Also, Fei has some of the best normals in the game, why just rely on his specials to end the game? Cr. FP, his HK, sweep, his focus attack, his fast as balls overhead, use that.


I think I read this somewhere on this forum, but it worked for me:
Try NOT doing what you’re doing now (rushing 'em down with Rekkakans for example) and then see what tactics help you without using your old ones. You’ll probably lose a lot at first but you learn some alternative tactics for your character. Then try to find the balance between then.


Learn to hitconfirm your rekkas. There’s no reason to finish a rekka string if the opponent is blocking. This is like the first thing you should learn with fei, go into training mode and set the dummy to random block and learn to confirm that ish.


If you’re both low on health you could try baiting an SRK and punish ftw. Just make yourself look vulnerable then back-dash out of there. Some will try to go for a quick chip win then mess em up. of course not everyone is gonna fall for that so try to learn fei’s normals better. He has some really good ones so don’t fully rely on specials and super/ultra.


Bait, because most players with a more health play more recklessly… I had to get out of the habit of doing this actually.


If its the end of the match, there is no reason to conserve meter, so I will often do flame kick FADC backdash.

Or just lame them out with c.forward and c.fierce.

That is one time where unless you have established the right metagame, you probably want to try and lame them out by baiting a fireball to EX CW through…or if they have knocked you down, definitely FADC flame kick to be safe. EX if you have three bars.

But definitely you need to NOT use a rekka in that situation unless you can hitconfirm it 100%.

Oh, here is a trick that my buddy who mains fei pulled on me until I adjusted:

He will space himself just right (just past 1/3 screen) and start a focus attack. I know he can’t absorb SHIT, so I hurl a fireball with Ryu (example)… He knows that too, so as soon as he starts the focus attack, he backdashes…by the time I’ve committed to the fireball, he is free and he just EX chickenwings through it and hits me. If you are a stud, you can combo out of that move too.

The smart thing here is…from that distance, if I don’t take the bait, he is still safe. If I try to get cute and tatsu kick he has enough time to duck and use a crouching flame kick as I pass over him.

Now, that won’t work on Chun, cause I’ll just dash up and EX hasanshu, which is too fast for him to do anything about…but as Ryu, I can’t really punish him for trying that, so long as he spaced it correctly in the first place.

That is the kind of metagame that is helpful to consider at the end of a match/round.


hey 40% from 20 matches is better than me…

i had a 9.21% from 21 matchs


Your problem is you want to use a special move to finish the match for no particular reason.

If you want to attempt a rekka ken do ONE LP rekka ken. Make sure you stop after one, and space it out well.

Try using cr. HP to poke them to death or f+MK. Overheads are really good when life is low.


Depending on the character people usually fall back ona few moves when they get real low on health. Expect a lot of fireballs from Ryu and and those vertical balls from blanka after you whiff something.

This is benifically because you can’t usually wait for them then punish them. Just like mariodood said, people want to get those strong quick somewhat safe specials out when they’re low on life. Just wait for them to do it then hit them with a c.MP or something simple.


You play Fei? Man you are brave!

I main Fei, and trust me, it is an uphill battle. It is super fun and pretty rewarding to win with him. That makes it worth it. I have been playing the game for a while, and even though I am by no means a pro, I do have some advice.

*If both of you have low health, but you have more than your opponent, just back into a corner and have him come get you. Why rush, when you have the advantage? wait for him to make a mistake, and finish him.

*Dont be overly aggressive. I usually start a little aggressive to gauge my opponent, and then I go into the “art of fighting without fighting”. I dont rush, I dont turtle, I just stay still and play very reactive. If they play really aggressive (DP spam, anyone?) they are bound to make mistakes. Punish them.

*Learn how to hit-confirm Rekkas. Super important.

*Learn not to rely on super/ultra. They just suck. Unless you know for sure that you will land it, dont try it. I like usuing Ultra after people whiff DP’s, and you can combo jumping HK>Ultra. Some may say to FA>Ultra, but it is such a waste of Ultra. You can get 2-3 hits if you are lucky, but meh.

*Realize that playing Fei doesnt afford you much room for error, so be always on your guard.

Again, I am not like, super pro or anything, but these seem to work for me. It’s OK to lose. It takes time to learn the match ups and what works better in different situations. Just keep working and dont take defeat too seriously.