Mind Set Before Playing a Game

By the time you have to play an opponent, the mindset and mentality of your gameplay is probably greater than the importance of how good you are with your techniques and skills. If you cant even calm down to play a match, how can you expect to execute moves/strategies even if you thought you’ve perfected them.

A question for seasoned players: whats the mindset you should have before you play? What do you tell yourself when facing an opponent. What are things you can do to make yourself more concentrated? Tips? Advices? :rolleyes: think of it as a mental checklist before/during a match


Well it all depends with me.

If it’s someone who, has a good, well balanced team, then I’ll analyze the matchups and how it will play out when both are played the right way.

If it’s someone who absolutely someone who does not know what they are doing, I’ll think either 1)practice new set ups and combos, or 2) turn that match into an AND 1 MIXTAPE.

That’s it for me.

cooscoos got the right idea…

and i’ll turn to the dude, and be like…



Must… win…

Play Hard, but Play Right!!!

There are 3 types.

Against better opponents, analyze and concentrate.

Against average opponents, just play for fun (with a clear mind).

Against lower level opponents, it’s complicated to explain. It’s what you get if you mix V.Ken’s and O. Iori’s pre-game mentality from SvC : ) .