Mindf**k: You will s**t bricks


No, this is not like the motivational posters.
When you see it, you will shit bricks.












I don’t get the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th one.

EDIT: NM, got the 2nd.

EDIT EDIT: ROFL, got the 3rd.


What’s with the second?


There’s a man in the middle. Glowing eyes. I don’t get the 4th. Maybe the flower’s supposed to look like a vagina, but that’s as far s I got.


i get most except the flower and ogc one




look for a dolphin inside the rose.




The OGC one is a guy masturbating if you look at it sideways.


For the flower one: I see the dolphin, but the thing I saw was the gremlin looking fucker right under the flower. You can see the top half of his head.

For the OGC: whoever initially created that and pointed it out just had masturbation on his brain.


ok so i dont get

the 3rd o wait i got it
the 7th
and the
9th i found this one to

anyone care to spoil?


^9th is supposed to be jesus i think.


I dont get the mist one, does the tree look like a nuke cloud???

WarnaBrother what gremlin???




t-rex in the background


I said second.lol, I actually meant the third. I don’t get the third. I figured out all of the others.


You don’t see that nigga in the middle? Looks like Hydra trooper from Captain America :rofl:


mist one


The mist one has a T-Rex comin through. It’s a scene from Jurassic Park III, iirc.

For the flower one, look to your right of the lowest petal in the picture. There it looks like a lil’ bush baby thinga majiggy is sticking half of its head up and looking at you. I thought that it was more of a mind f*** than the dolphin, which is more of a “awww, that’s pretty” than a “ohh WT(mind)F!!!” imo, of course. (some ppl may find dolphins creepy as hell.)


Actually bro, on the bottom of the pedals of the flowers there are small types of leaves that hold the pedals in place. That’s one of those. Next time you see any type of flower, especially roses, just flip it over and you’ll see.

For the mist one, at first I thought a dick was popping out of the mail box.

-Tha Hindu


still not seeing it. i must suck


wtf, a t-rex?.. where?


I guess I can see that it is a sepal, but i swear it looks like a lil’ evil bush baby to me. Can no1 see it but me?

And for Chaos and Tiger: