Mindgame vs Combos

What requires more skill?

A lot of people that I know cant do long combos but they have good mindgames and you will surprised by them.

But I know a lot of people who can do very good combos but their mindgame sucks and they only are good for watching youtube vídeos.

Don’t you think making combos easy will make the competitive play better?

Mind games are sometimes a prerequisite for combos. It doesn’t matter if you can execute a combo if you don’t ever manage to create an opportunity to do so. It’s more complicated than that but I don’t think making combos easier will change much.

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dropping combos is a pro mindgame strat

Mind games are a gamble.
Honestly I don’t think these two are even comparable. One is concrete and measurable, the other is difficult to determine.

metaphysics versus saying anythign of actual value

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There really are a gamble. No mind game is guaranteed.
And they are also difficult to compare because they share little similar features. Combos rely soley on your execution, while mindgames rely soley on you outsmarting or tricking your opponent.
Combos are concrete and measurable.
It is difficult to judge the skill of a mindgame from a caculated respone to just some random guess.
I fail to see any problem with my post.

Combo execution should be a given at any decent level of competitive play.

The goal is still to hit the other guy, if that can’t happen it doesn’t matter how much damage you’re able to do.

I’d say get your shit down then worry about mind games. Otherwise what are you gonna do once you get in? Link some jabs…

If by mindgames we’re talking about playing smart, then both are extremely important.

If by mindgames you mean fucking with people’s head hoping to luck out and make them make a mistake, combos are far more important because everyone is going to make a mistake at some point, at which point the harder you can punish the better.

What are you gonna do with combos without mindgames? gl finding your chance

you don’t need mindgames to get in.

Even vs a good player?

I think first you work on combos in training mode, then once you have those down, you just play the game vs. similarly skilled friends. Once you’re decent at the game, you work on spacing and mindgames so you can utilize your combos.

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So you finally worked your way inside and got j.hk to hit close enough for a very damaging combo. But you missed your combo…

Tell me, what are mindgames?

Strategical actions meant to cause the opponent do/avoid an action or just limit thinking it will do him good/making him guess wrong etc in order to benefit from the situation