Hey everyone new here and i was wondering about mind games. What are some common mind games and there benefits?

Mind games require both players actually having a mind.
That’s why they don’t work on most matches between non-top players.

I think most people would consider mind games to be strategy that allows you to predict or provoke certain actions from your opponent. It might be as simple as noticing your opponent react a certain way 3 times in a row in a certain situation, and predicting he will again so doing the perfect counter.

To be honest, I think the term gets thrown around way too much by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

imho mind games is the whole fight top to bottom, xept maybe long combos like gj or tackles. as far as the question “What are some common mind games and there benefits?” i think A. this is either impossible to explain or requires a huge ass list an B. you need to play more 3s.

theres no predetermined mind games, you just do what you think will beat what your opponent will do, or put him in a situation where hes going to fall into a pattern.


i believe all of these podcasts contain at least 1 example of a mind game…it has some other good stuff in it as well…but most of it comes from experience

basically a way to set yourself up to drag your opponent into your mind game is basically put out a move that you are pretty sure theyll react to in your favor giving you the chance to punish them

i think he’s asking more of a concrete answer like shoto jump in hk, dash back and cmk into super when he tries to throw

the best mind games are shown at the end of this match


the guy did that shit on purpose, that cant be a coincidence

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aochider (7 months ago)

hey just so you know it seems you mistitled this video. it says winter showdown semi but this is clearly a yun combo video.

thats why my tricks dont work on noobs and they beat me:crybaby:

you don’t have to trick noobs you just play safe and they will hand you wins.
simple mind games are: you see them do something y and react in x way, the next time you see them do something y you react in z way because you figure they will want to avoid getting hit by your x response.

they get more layered if after you react in way X after they do something Y they do Y again in hopes you will react in way Z and not way X again.

its just the yomi layers. 1, 2, 3, 4
4 cycles back around to 1.
the stupidest choice sometimes becomes the smartest one after everyone thinks around.
that is why japanese play is sometimes hard to understand.

noobs dont rly think of the game that way …they just play it for the hell of it…im sure they wouldnt be called noobs if they were able to think like that…the first part of what you said is right though just play safe and theyll hand you wins

An easy mind game is going for the least expected attack and varying your attack patterns. I know it sounds dumb, but when done correctly, gives you a feel for how mind games work. I play shotos, Akuma in particular, so jump in attacks can be pretty scary. Unless you want to eat a combo, you’d better block high or parry against Akuma’s jump in. So the next time I jump in I throw or short short super. By distracting your opponent with other tactics, you open up his or her defenses to other options. At this point, your opponent might start to sweat, realizing that the next time you start with a jump or something, he has to think about 3 different thinks and respond to one of them.

yeah exactly. when i said simple mind games i wasn’t talking about noobs anymore. i was talking about people who have progressed past that but aren’t like ume masters or something.
but even among people that know mind games there are many differences in level.

mind games are to keep the opponent guessing. how has the definition of mind games suddenly changed? mix-ups are what make up mind games. it keeps them scared and your momentum going longer

Mind games are pretty much faking out opponents and making them guess. Think of it this way. One of my tricks I do with Hugo that almost always gets people is this.

I sweep them with the c.Mk, and when the get up I do it again, it usually connects. Now this is where the mind games come in. Your opponent has seen it happen twice, and even on experienced players, they block low. the s.HP is an overhead so it hits them.

The reason I play Hugo in the first place is because landing a gigas breaker usually involves toying with people’s minds first.

Having solid footsies/ground-game is the easiest way to go through scrubs. They’ll create all your openings for you, start panicking when they keep getting hit and then do something stupid.

This is probably one of the best examples. Two or three of the same move repeated on their wake up. They think you’re going to do it again, you know this and throw instead.

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep. Now they’re waiting for that fourth sweep, you throw.


You won the last round with a wake up super. Next round after you got it stocked, you do a wake up command grab. They don’t want to get hit by your super, so they try and block, but just get thrown.

Mindgames are exactly what they sound like. You need to keep your opponent constantly guessing what you’re going to do, but you need to be unpredictable. Mix up your sweeps, throws and pokes. If you can hit them with the same move i.e. sweep two or three times, normally they’ll parry down or block down. In that case, either hit them with an overhead or throw them. It’s all about mixing it up.