Mindjack -- Third Person Shooter from Square-Enix

I just heard about this game and I think you should too!






Release date: 1/18/11 360 & PS3

Mindjack is a third person shooter where you can “jack” into someone’s mind. The concept works like this: You are a hacker and you take control of people via a headset that connects them to a central network (kind of like a portable mind-internet). When a jacked person dies, you just jack into a new body and continue playing. From what I understand, you do have an actual character as well, and if he dies, then it is game over. Humans are not the only things you can jack. You can also jack into robots and cyborg-monkeys/mecha-gorillas. The enemies can also mindjack.

Gameplay is somewhere between Vanquish and Lost Planet 2. This description is from people who got the game early. Some seem to think it is clunky and leans towards LP2 gameplay, while others say it is smoother like Vanquish.

Online Co-op/PvP
Online is Demon Souls style. When playing online, a person can join your game and help you or they can “hack” into your game and be an enemy.

Other Information
As you play the game you level-up, but it isn’t your standard leveling system. You do not get stronger as you level-up, instead you obtain plug-ins that you can use to make the game easier OR harder. You eventually get a plug-in that stops people from hacking into your game, but it is a high-level plug-in.

Sadly this game seems to be getting no hype or advertising. There is a pre-order bonus from Gamestop, which you should still be able to get if you pre-order tomorrow. The bonuses are 3 plug-ins, a special outfit for your main character, and an extra weapon.

Looks a LOT like Geist for the Gamecube.

Which isn’t a bad thing but kinda funny

it looks cool.

Concept is cool, but I think I’d like it better if it had more of a grimy cyberpunk feel to it.

sounds like this idea i had for an fps/puzzle game with a blind main character. he had the jacking ability and it was the only way for him to see.

So you can control other people’s bodies…okay so what? Looks bland as fuck and the concept sounds like a bad gimmick.

It does rely on the gimmick. I’ve watched sections of “let’s play” for this game and there is nothing spectacular.

The game itself is a standard shoot-and-cover third person shooter. The mind-jacked robots and animals can just be seen as vehicles. The plug-ins are cool (allowing you to build the difficulty). The only concept that really makes me want the game is the online co-op/pvp. While you and your buddy are playing, you have someone come into your game and join the enemy (or doing the same to someone else) is a cool idea.

I’ll be picking this up for the 360. If you don’t have $60 to waste on a game, then you could probably wait a month and there will be a price drop.

The concept is awesome and I think this has a lot of potential but the shooting mechanics looked really cookie cutter and didnt have much feeling to them, like in gears when you fire off a shotgun you know you fired one ( not just because theres a mound of flesh in front of you ). Then again that video could have been dated.

If anyone picks this up let me know how it is, im in serious need of a new thing to waste time on.

I added another video to the first post. It shows more gameplay and shows/talks about how multiplayer works.

[media=youtube]ESJlpMk_kHI[/media] (starts at 13:55)

dude that totally sounds like our idea

Japanese FPS? Sounds awful.

I’ll have this up and running in about two hours or so and I’ll post back.


Something about controlling primates with machine guns appeals to me :tup:

So? What’s the call?

I think I should download it and give it a shot.

um, haven’t people been getting ghost-hacked since the days of Ghost in the shell? Can’t really see building the whole game around it, but I’ll be willing to cop a demo if it becomes available.


This mind-jacking sounds a lot like 3rd Birthday. So Square-Enix is ripping a concept from one of it’s own upcoming titles? Or is it the other way around? :confused:

Anyway, as was said earlier, the game looks unimpressive. In fact, it reminds me of Demon Souls in another way: a singular interesting concept wraped around mediocre gameplay.

Alright - the controls are a little looser than what I’d like but so far it’s been pretty fun.

Shooting at an enemy to get him wounded then mind slaving him THEN jumping your body to mind hack them to shoot their friends in the face is pretty fun. Feels a little gimmicky but when you hack a civilian in the back of the fight to grab a grenade to break up a big pack of enemies hasn’t lost it’s appeal :smiley: Will play more later!

This game fucking sucks, dont waste your money on it like I did…