Mini-Contest! Who can mess this up the most!

Hey guys, I’m a mod on the Melty Blood forums, and a person thought it would be hella dope if he made a PICTURE for his intro. (He also faced the wrath of mod, he made his own thread even though we stickied it)

Basically, I want someone to do some funny shit with this picture, like photoshopping words to your own sick thoughts, or photoshop in something that looks like jizz. Whatever is up to you. Whoever wins, I’ll replace this picture on the forums with his intro thread.

Nothing fancy, but if it makes me lol real hard, depending on the hardness of it making me lol, I’ll buy 1 month of prem, to maybe even 6 months for a good one.

There can only be one photoshopped pic on the page, but there can be many lulz. Just have fun with this.


Hmmm… I made one, but I don’t know if I’d be allowed to link it ^^

Made a second one cause I was bored, sent the first to you in a PM Mizuki

Ahahaha nice. I like the Colbert one.

he has a seahorse with butterfly wings on the original. I think he’s damaged himself enough.