Mini Family Fun MvC2 Tourney after Team Tourney

  1. Amir “i dont play nemore”
  2. David Lee
  3. Harry Potter “luckiest kid i know”
  4. Liquid Metal “nukka is too smart”
  5. SooMighty
  6. Rio Sengphrachanh “ultimate choker”
  7. Chris Shinn
  8. Ed Ma
  9. Justus “killer of all killers”
  10. Dash
  11. Fate
  12. Justin K
  13. Saif

good shit ppls. sorry for the ppl that left. we decided to throw one after all. mainly for LM. someone post teams if they want im too tired to think right now. i think we all stayed at ff for atleast 11 hours. wat a bunch of winners lol.


highlights of the tourney were
potter beats david lee in two tourney’s inna row
amir gets lucky in winners finals to beat pottah
pottah loses to david in losers finals
amir finally winz one
amir was down
and came back to win 3 inna row with his 1337 msp
o yea
tourney was wak
i didn’t get any money :lame:
and david lee didn’t pay me the money he owed me
and amir didn’t introduce me to his mom =c
liquid metal is a beast
david lee got so lucky against him


GJ Amir and Potts :cool:


Potter owes me 2.25!


not until u introduce me to ur mom
<---- potter

I hate mvc2. Why are IM’s results so fucking random? You’d think one hit kill would > all. t00 teh gehy and I wanna see your mom too Amir…I bet she’s a persian milf. DAAAAAAAAYUM<------ justus


justus lets play first to 10 games
winner pays for food LOL :smiley:


ok, but if I win I get to take your mom on a date. :smiley:

and for the record I used mag/sak/tron


more like mag tron

your sak died in like 10 seconds every game LOL =P


what is sak? :confused:




WTF, my sak did like 90% to david lee’s mag. You need to stop sniffing genie dust stupid persian.

I’ll punch you so hard next time, you’ll be like…owwww heheh scrubstus quit it!