Mini Fighter?

Saw a side bar for this while looking through the threads, and it looks like a fighting game based mmo:

The graphics remind me a lot of pocket fighter, anyone play this?

I haven’t played it; they are in closed beta. I have a CB key, but I don’t think the game is worth my time to d/l. Looks like Pocket Fighters meets Brawl.

At least one of these sprites looks kinda like a sprite edit of Gem Fighters… Maybe it’s just heavily influenced, I’m not gonna waste time comparing.

I’m like, “What the heck is a side bar? Well whatever.” (click link) “Heyyy I know this art! I’ve seen it before on the side bar! Wait, ohhhhh.”

All of them look like it to me, though it seems to be just the faces, which is weird.

1st character seems to be Ryu, 2nd Dan, 3rd Chun.

And they all basically have the same, full screen super. Doesn’t look very interesting.

Ok…I’m going to d/l it. I’ll let you guys know what I think.

Ok. I tried it. It’s terrible.

Not only is the “dungeon” part not working yet, but the character play all the same. Plus there is no reason to use normals because specials are faster/stronger/better reach/invulnerable. So the game is just a spam of one move.

Yeah it’s pretty bad, not worth anyone’s time.

^Thanks for biting the bullet guys, sorry about that though :tup:

Ok guys, I downloaded the single player demo and tried to run it, not only did it mess up my display at the prompt, it also crashed my laptop(which should be more than able to handle this pos) so yeah, on to dungeon and fighter.

Hah! Well it sounds to me like this failure has been a colossal… uhh…

I kind of want to try.

Strangely enough, I finally played the demo, and I actually liked what little I played of it >.>, I agree that you can spam specials, but you can actually make better combos if you don’t spam them, and actually use them in specific order, I definitely like the death combo, uppercut juggle that’ll get me atleast one juggle of hits, sometimes more(I can juggle enemies ad nauseaum unless I’m on an edge, though with players you’re pretty much limited to one juggle, no Mishima shenanigans here ;_:wink: