Mini Stick

Anyone got there hands on one? 30 bucks is cheap but i dont think the stick would be cheap the buttons may vary :rofl: but i think it could be useable maybe the buttons are ultra responsive who knows >.>

Is that a Hori product?

My guess is… it’s a piece of crap. Haven’t tried one though :slight_smile:

yo that shit looks GDLK (after i swap parts:sweat:)

i’m picking it up for when SF4 goes PC so i can have SF4 on the go!

thanks for the links man!

swap… parts?

Barf!! lol

I rather use a pad than that.

if possible when i get my hands on it:sweat: maybe just stick if not i’ll make do its only $30

just imagine breaking it out on a plane whith a laptop sweet

this is exciting i’m not a stick expert but i can DIY stuff so even if it can be modded with parts its seem like a way to save my thumb since i’m a stick player

Doesn’t look like the button holes would be large enough to fit any 30mm button, but you can try.

trust me that stuff is garbage, it is so freaking small that when I tried one years ago a similar version for dreamcast i could not find a way to hold it confortably and the buttons and stick are very crappy.

your better off investing in something like this.

Like’s like that PS2 KOF stick.

thats true

i guess at the end of the day id rather travel with that than beaking out the TE or SE on a plane

^ okay thanks even though this is not my thread

It just look like they put arcade parts in an alarm clock! haha

I wholeheartedly agree… I had the playstation version of the “mini fighting stick” a while back and it was pure crap. I believe the buttons were like ~20mm in diameter.

The only good thing that came out of it was that I gutted the stick for it’s PCB and put it in one of my custom stick.

Oh god, that will forever be programmed into my brain now… :rofl: