Minimum Bandwidth requirement for SF4

I’m a big fan of SF and have being playing it since my NES. My last console was the ps2. I’m going to be upgrading to a ps3 just for the SF4 (which was also the sole reason behind my ps2).

I would like to know whats the minimum bandwidth required for playing SF4 online?

Currently I’m on a 128k DSL (yeah I know its quite slower than most here).


no minimum as long as it is broadband.
but it will probably be hard to get good connections with that.

I used to have a 768k DSL, overall lag wasn’t to bad. But there’s definitely lag, it took awhile to get matches with the perfect connection. I upgraded to 3000k and I rarely experience lag, unless its on the opponent’s part. I think paying a little extra per month for extra bandwidth is worth it. It goes a long way in keeping my blood pressure down heh.