Minimum needed to breadbox a PS360


Someone gave me their faulty PS360 moded TE and I’m trying to see if the fault is with the pcb. I’m experienced in PC modding and often “breadbox” or strip PCs down to bare essentials (motherboard, PSU, component in need of testing) to test for faults. The only thing I’ve done as far as sticks is swap the buttons out of my Qanba Q4RAF.

What is the minimum needed to breadbox the PS360? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side Notes: I went through about 30 PS360 pages before asking so sorry if this has already been covered.

The controller kept inputting guidebutton/start button. I checked the grounds to no avail but the wiring in the stick was an absolute mess. Ended up stripping the TE of the mod and all buttons. I plan on building a stick with my rudimentary woodworking skills and don’t feel up to padhacking…


If you disconnect everything but the USB cable from the PCB, and plug the PCB in, it should enumerate and not “press” anything. If it’s inputting something, there’s a short on the board. The PS360 has no need for any other circuitry to simply enumerate; it just (obviously) won’t be able to do anything.

Pictures could also help us help diagnose things, if you can provide.


read here


Thanks for the help everyone. Still running into issues though.

Underwing, buttons 3, 4, and 7 enumerate in the Windows Game Controller test.

Jamin, I read the post but I’m unsure that it would help me. 3 buttons seem non-working; do you guys think I should cut my losses and resort to padhacking?


I would totally cut your losses on that pcb, save the MS security chip for another project. If the pull up resistor trick doesn’t work, then move on. So many better Better and reliable PCBs out there.


What PCB do you recommend? I’m probably going order the PS360+ from Any other recommendations?


it completely depends on what consoles you want supported and what you’re putting it in.

PS360+ is the new hotness, but Toodles Multi-console Cthulhu/Kitty is fantastic for everything but 360.