Minimum Oicho breaker input short cuts?

Is there input short cut for Oicho breaker in AE?

I know with Oicho throw you can get away with :f::db::b: . Can’t seem to miss at all on U2 however.

Reason I ask is I’m trying out a hitbox and haven’t been able to get it down in a useable fashion.

Hitbox I’m having to use a protracted motion and I get a telegraphed duck before start up.

Not sure, i think you can only miss the last motion, ending at db for example. Hate it in general, i get it was changed so it could be used as a punish more easily but it just came off crappy.

I would take U2 back to super version over anything else for this new balance patch.


Using numeric notation because I’m too lazy to copy and paste a million arrows, the best you can do is:
321463214 ppp.

You can start from down forward rather than forward, but you need to hit both backs, the forward, and the down. I haven’t even seen it work before while skipping the diagonals, so the first forward is the only direction you can skip. Honestly, I find double half circle moves to be the hardest motions in the game due to their strictness. 720 had a million ways to do (I used to do 63214741236 ppp for walkup 720, or 1236987412369 from block).

I found the motion oddly nonuniform with other shortcuts in sf4. Double qcf ultras allow you to skip the first forward allowing motions like 23236. If double hcb motions allowed the first back to be skipped it’d be much easier. Also, if it was double hcf it’d be easier since you’re likely using U2 as a -1 punish and therefore doing it from a downback position anyway.