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Welcome to Marvel!

You’re actually pretty accurate in your analysis of the game at a basic level. Learning how to defend is tough in this game, especially since it rewards offense so much. You basically either have to be on offense and try to minimize gaps for your opponent to take advantage of, or you need to wait for your opponent to leave a gap in their offense and take advantage of it. It takes a while for one’s brain to process all the pretty colors and flashing lights going on onscreen, but after a while you’ll start to be able to figure out how the opponent is attacking and be able to defend it. However, the whole point of offense is to create such an overwhelming amount of information quickly so your opponent can’t process it in time in order to defend against it.


K, well first things first I suppose, I need to chose a team and stick with it/learn the combos then go from there. Is there a certain method to team/assist picking? do I want to look for OTG assists etc?

EDIT: Watching some top end videos to see wtf the deal is with this game, why do people let their first character die and not tag them out?


Friday Night Casuals

Splinter is being kind enough to open up his home Friday for casuals. You’ll need to contact him directly for location information but the usual games, drinks, and chaos should be available. If you’re attending and you’re capable/willing to bring a setup with some games that’d be great. Since I don’t get out much lately I’m looking forward to seeing everybody.**


There are quite a few things to consider when picking a team. You may want to consider any or all of the following:

-Do the other characters’ assists support whoever is on point?
Some characters need help getting in, so an assist that provides coverage from afar can be helpful. Other characters need help keeping opponents off them, so having an assist to help is a plus. If your point character can’t combo otg, you may want an assist that hits otg.

-Are there good DHCs available?
If your point character lands a combo into super, does the next character have a super that you can DHC into for more damage or to extend the combo? Also, it can be nice to make sure your second character has a safe super so you can spend two meters to switch them in.

-Does one character have a poor matchup or weakness that the other characters cover?

But I think the most important element is that you enjoy playing the characters. Really, just pick one or two characters that you like, then try to see if there’s another character or characters that support them well.

As for your EDIT question, the reason you see players not tag out when their first characters are about to die is because it’s difficult to tag out safely. The opponent knows that you are looking to tag out if you can, and if you do it unsafely (i.e. a raw tag) they will a lot of times do more damage to the incoming character than you would have gained by tagging out the first character and letting them heal. If I’ve got 10% life left with a red bar of 45% life to gain, if I tag in unsafely, I stand to lose more than 45% of my incoming character’s life if the opponent catches me. Plus, as people play their team more, they get used to losing their first character and just playing with the last two. Having the first character still available doesn’t really add much sometimes. In addition, even if you have the third character still alive, the mixups upon that character entering the screen are often tough to deal with, so having that character die to a single incorrect mixup on entry isn’t much different than just letting them die in the first place.


anyone else interested in KOFXIII?


I’d like to get into it, but is there even going to be a good scene for it?


I love SNK. I’m gonna be on KOF XIII like white on rice.


anybody going to bp casual today mind if i tag along?


Thnx, will work on getting a solid team that I know tonight. If I get 1 win on XBL I’ll be happy :slight_smile: 0-12 woot.


Heh, I’ll be up for doing a lobby tonight if you’re around, I’m just messing around with the new characters to get a feel for them, haven’t really decided on a team yet even though I’m really enjoying Frank and Nemesis

I felt it was time to turn off Marvel when I got an achievement that I had been in training mode for 5 hours… (why is this even an achievement?)


Hey Shogun, back in 07 we played some 3s and then I came back briefly the following year. Well I’m back for good and I got my buddy into 3s as well. Do you still hold the gatherings?


I’m really excited for it, it looks really fun, but AE will still be top priority.


I got my pre-order in at GnG and Gene said he was considering having a midnight launch at Brooklyn Park on Monday so make some noise!


Hey, how’s it going! How was Colorado? I seem to remember something about you having a car accident or something out there. I hope you’re doing alright now. We usually do gatherings during the week at Games N Go. Check the first post in the thread or www.mnstreetfighter.com for details. There’s also a tourney coming up this Saturday, and although there’s no official 3rd Strike tourney, you might want to come and check it out.


I need some local AE and UMVC3 buddies. Add me on PSN if you want to get in some matches.


Wanted to pop in and say hi. I’ll be happy to meet you all this weekend, hopefully we can get lots of games and money matches going for sf4.

I am learning UMvC3, but to be honest I was never much of a Marvel fan. But after dabbling with the game a bit and seeing that all-out turtling and chip is now at least somewhat viable (as opposed to vanilla), I may get back into trying to be competitive at that as well.

I am ALL ABOUT KOFXIII. When that game drops I’ll be all over it. Hopefully you guys do too.


sigh it’s been 2 weeks since I ordered stick parts from lizard lick, and around 4 days since I sent a “so… you charged me already… why is my order ‘on hold’ permanently” email with no response. I really don’t want to have to dispute charges, I just want the stuff I paid for weeks ago.

In other news, everyone is busy with Skyrim. Bleh. I went into GnG earlier and tried to get a copy but they were out of xbox ones.


Ahhhhh Juicebox, I was going to hang out and get you some juiceboxes. Alas, I wont be in town this weekend. How long are you going to be in the cities for? I wanted to discuss killer ultra dance moves. Actually… I wanted to ask you about reads and anticipation, personality and mindsets and how it relates to mixups. But I digress.


If you read Sirlin’s book you already knew what I’m going to say: “It’s hard to explain.”

Either way it’s a pretty nebulous topic and much easier to illustrate in person.


It is, it really is. I’m just looking for that secret sauce. Sometimes more from a psych theory perspective than a being good at games perspective.

Oh by the way, your matches are some of the most entertaining I’ve seen. Big fan. Shame I wont be around this weekend. Tones, have a shot for me.