Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


I always have started with my best character (Hulk) first so I can get some damage and (hopefully) not be in a deficit early. Granted, Hulk is the only character I really feel like I know, whereas the rest of my vanilla team were either there for the assist (Wesker) or because I never felt like taking anyone else (Ryu).

Granted, I want to take Marvel more seriously this time around, so I’m leaning toward Hulk/Nemesis/Sentinel.

And dammit, my school screws over another chance to play Juicebox. First the internet, then with anime club events…I need to get out of the rural lands.


As far as Arthur / Sentinel thing, this can usually be negated by super jumping over it and sometimes calling an assist while doing it (or play a character that can teleport or out zone them)

a lot of Wolverine’s setups will involve doing a Slash to Charge (to make it safe and to be able to continue to a combo), example would be Slash -> Charge -> dash forward -> H, S, Air Series

couple things I noticed while playing that set we did last night, you should really switch assists for Akuma to Tatsu and Sentinel to the upward diagonal drones, would probably help out quite a bit.

you were also hard tagging in your second character whenever I got Wolverine down to 20-30% health, which is usually very unsafe and can lead to not only your point character being low health, but your secondary character being low health without even getting a hit in

Wish I had a mic on my 360, would be a lot easier to go over that shit than typing with my arcade stick lol

Nemesis is my new friend :wink:


Nemesis is never gonna replace Hulk was my (MvC) best buddy, but Nemesis is pretty damn awesome. I really like Hawkeye also, but that may be because I want someone I can call Hawk…


haha, I’ve been playing Nemesis, Hawkeye and Amaterasu


I need to get a wireless mic for my 360 so I can talk while using my hitbox.I tried to find a little extension to hang out of it for my headset but cant find one. For now when playing fighting games (pretty much always till I get NHL12) I use a usb keyboard plugged into the xbox to talk.


As HellaJ mentioned, you’ll probably want to super jump out of that setup. However, you may need to pushblock a bit to give yourself room to get off the ground.

Yes, people do sometimes put their best character second for the reason you mentioned. Plus, many times your main character is much better with some meter. You can build meter with the first character and then use it with the second.


I definitely recommend Skyrim to anyone who is thinking about it, If you have never played an elder scrolls game but like the idea of a “do whatever you want” style RPG then this is for you.


Welcome to the party. Have a safe trip up.


So, anybody not working tomorrow during the day that would like to grab some games with Juicebox and my bro?


opens mouth
remembers he lives 3 hours from the cities
walks away


Goodness where haven’t you complained about this?..

Honestly your best bet being where you are is to get involved from afar. I’m trying to plan a combo vid with GNG people and I’m in discussions with GNG to run a twitter account for them. Keep in mind I live in Grand Forks, ND at the moment. You just need to network and do work from wherever you are instead of complain. Turn that NaCl into Au son.

EDIT: I do sympathize though, I’d be pissed if I missed Filipino Champ coming to MN.

On a related note, UMvC3 is really pissing me off. My originally planned team is ass due to Ghost Rider being extremely limited and Rocket Raccoon being a pain in the ass in general. Hawkeye is damn good and I like him, but I still really want to use RR. I’m working out some team ideas, but right now I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. I’ll find something eventually though…


I’m down. Hit me up. Got my numero?


What time during the day? I have to leave for WI by 3:30pm


the secret to a strong team … one rusher one runner/zoner. one instant antiair asst & a beam asst or similar that covers as much of the screen as possible.
who wants to see twilight with me ?:sunglasses:


In all honesty, I do like to faux-complain a lot online (except for how awful I feel I am at Marvel…that’s all real). I just need to get through this school year and…figure out what I’m doing with my year off.


Im down, although ill struggle enough vs u and ur bro, let alone juicebox

Also, anyone selling a PS3 stick and/or ASUS(or any gaming quality) moniter? im looking to buy one of each and i thought i’d see if anyone had used stuff they didn’t want before buying new.


Welcome :china: It’ll be a pleasure to meet you.

We’ll have to see if there’s any thing to drink :smiley:


I don’t. Shoot me a PM here or on Facebook.

Probably anytime 10 or after. I’ll give you a ring when I know he’s up and interested in games.


Shot u PM on Facebook


2-32 on XBL.

I just got perfected 4 times. One was arthur projectile spam, if I tried to super jump in he did some yellow glowing are ball thing, 2 characters died and I just set the controller down and gave up. Other times I get perfected people just run at me and jam out combos over and over and I just never stop getting hit, if I see a window to throw my own poke thiers goes through mine and it just keeps going. If I get an advancing guard in they just dash back in and keep dialing. I really really don’t understand this game, once I get hit its just over for me.